2010-08-18 Chase MaupinMerge branch 'jason-master' master
2010-08-17 Chase MaupinMerge branch 'jason-master'
2010-08-17 Jason KridnerRevert " avoid killing the EC2 image when...
2010-08-17 Jason oh, what did I do?
2010-08-17 Chase Maupinset-threads: add mult command line option
2010-08-17 Jason avoid killing the EC2 image when done
2010-08-17 Chase initial creation
2010-08-17 Jason Kridnerunknown, just saving off work
2010-08-17 Chase MaupinMake this build on non-ec2 machine
2010-08-17 Jason don't recall
2010-08-15 Jason ready to build the big image
2010-08-15 Jason Kridnerlatest rev
2010-08-15 Jason build full demo image
2010-08-13 Jason Kridnerinstalldemo: fixes to run on BeagleBoard
2010-08-13 Jason Kridnerinstalldemo: created
2010-08-13 Jason move delay in adding ssh key
2010-08-13 Jason make the downloads directory to upload...
2010-08-10 Jason fix bug in saving off NEW_AMI name
2010-08-10 Jason partial restructuring
2010-08-10 Jason Kridnertestcamera: create /dev/video0 if it isnt there
2010-08-10 Jason added snapshot to update tests
2010-08-10 Jason Kridnertestneon: made executable
2010-08-10 Jason Kridnertestneon: created
2010-08-10 Jason Kridnertestdsp: created
2010-08-10 Jason almost the 201008100357 image
2010-08-09 Jason Kridnertestmem: initial checkin
2010-08-09 Jason KridnerMerge branch 'master' of
2010-08-09 Jason KridnerJust saving work-in-progress
2010-08-09 Jason Kridnertestedid: initial commit
2010-08-09 Jason Kridnertestedid: initial commit
2010-08-09 Jason Kridnertestaudio: use 'sox' a bit more
2010-08-08 Jason Kridnertestaudio: added loopback recording
2010-08-08 Jason Kridneredituserscr/editbootscr: fix sh function syntax
2010-08-08 Jason Kridnereditbootscr use sh, not bash
2010-08-08 Jason Kridneredituserscr: created from editbootscr
2010-08-06 Jason update OE rev
2010-08-06 Jason Kridnertestcamera: created
2010-08-06 Jason make sure is up-to-date
2010-08-06 Jason updated build revision
2010-08-06 Jason need to add comments later...
2010-08-06 Jason save off sd with deploy
2010-08-05 Jason Kridnertestuserbtn: switched from GPIO to evtest
2010-08-05 Jason skip the extra download cache for now
2010-08-05 Jason update revision
2010-08-05 Jason cleaned up some quoting in 'build-sd'
2010-08-05 Jason made it easier to continue
2010-08-05 Jason Kridnertestled: fix quoting errors
2010-08-05 Jason Kridnertestaudio: switch from bash to sh
2010-08-05 Jason finally fixed 'build-sd'
2010-08-05 Jason fixed escaping on md5sum
2010-08-05 Jason add list.html to each SD build folder
2010-08-05 Jason fixed escaping in gzip command
2010-08-05 Jason had DEPLOY_DIR setting in wrong place
2010-08-05 Jason KridnerFix attempts for creating SD card images
2010-08-05 Jason Kridnerlist.html: list within a subfolder
2010-08-04 Jason altered find-instance logic
2010-08-04 Jason upped OE version number
2010-08-04 Jason stab in the dark
2010-08-04 Jason Kridnersilly clean-up
2010-08-04 Jason build SD card image
2010-08-04 Jason added additional files
2010-08-04 Jason Kridnerlist.html: move escape codes to link only
2010-08-04 Jason Kridnerlist.html: added fix for '+' signs
2010-08-04 Jason working build
2010-08-04 Jason Kridnerlist.html: Initial commit
2010-08-03 Jason several updates
2010-08-03 Jason enough to kick off a build
2010-07-22 Jason Kridnertestled: updated to work on latest release
2010-07-21 Jason Made simple for a single FAT partition
2010-07-21 Jason brought in from ESC project
2010-07-20 Jason Kridnerreadgpio: script to monitor status of a GPIO pin
2010-07-18 Jason KridnerFixed some file names
2010-07-15 Jason consolidated volume status checks
2010-07-15 Jason KridnerRenamed svideotest -> testsvideo
2010-07-15 Jason forgot
2010-07-15 Jason attempts at performance tuning
2010-07-14 Jason added partially processed AMI
2010-07-14 Jason updated AMI creation
2010-07-14 Jason added var names for the directories
2010-07-14 Jason Kridnerec2build: added additional parallelism
2010-07-14 Jason Kridnerec2build: moved downloads from builds to sources
2010-07-14 Jason added tmpfs for build work
2010-07-14 Jason Installed ec2 tools
2010-07-14 Jason Kridnermkddimage: move from gzip to bzip2
2010-07-14 Jason Kridnerec2build: Added s3 fuse storage
2010-07-14 Jason just moving stuff around
2010-07-14 Jason added non-interactive dash disable
2010-07-14 Jason ignore AMI already being set
2010-07-14 Jason avoid fingerprint check on first login
2010-07-14 Jason KridnerStarted script for building on EC2
2010-05-23 Jason KridnerSilly scripts to try to capture small steps
2010-05-22 Jason KridnerFixed up to run on the BeagleBoard
2010-05-22 Jason KridnerPatch needs cleaning
2010-05-22 Jason KridnerAdded errors for missing utilities
2010-05-22 Jason KridnerEnabled to work in busybox only environment
2010-05-22 Jason KridnerPulled in mkcard.txt to format SD cards
2010-05-20 Jason KridnerUsed tv variable to point to display1
2010-05-16 Jason KridnerAdjusted timing and prompts
2010-05-16 Jason KridnerSimple script to test the ALSA audio capture/playback
2010-05-16 Jason KridnerSlight behavior clean-up