last changeMon, 9 Jan 2012 15:13:07 +0000 (15:13 +0000)
2012-01-09 Danny AbukalamMerge branch 'test' master
2012-01-09 Danny AbukalamAdded Cross Platform Testing
2012-01-05 Danny AbukalamAdded Patch files for testing
2011-12-16 Danny AbukalamAdded library to control reading and writing to streams endian
2011-10-19 Richard Mawmtime is now a time_t rather than a uint32_t
2011-10-19 Richard MawHopefully fixes a crash on 64-bit
2011-10-19 Richard MawForgot some files
2011-10-17 Richard MawAdded xattr support
2011-10-17 Richard MawShould fix directory mtime differences
2011-10-14 Richard MawRestructured tests so mandatory delay between source...
2011-10-14 Richard MawFixed files losing group metadata
2011-10-14 Richard MawFixed a typo that was bugging me
2011-10-14 Richard MawFixed it not updating gid for symbolic links if only...
2011-10-14 Richard Maw:facepalm: the test was failing from a bug in the test.
2011-10-13 Richard MawFixed some typos in tests
2011-10-13 Richard MawTests and fix for a horrific bug where removing a symli...
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