last changeFri, 11 Mar 2011 21:51:24 +0000 (16:51 -0500)
2011-03-11 Gregory HaskinsBegin renaming cloudbuilder -> automator master
2011-03-11 Gregory HaskinsUpdate to com.github.ghaskins version of erlang plugin
2011-02-11 Gregory HaskinsFix reference to utility:template function
2011-02-11 Gregory HaskinsFix RPM VSN paths
2011-02-11 Gregory HaskinsSupport erlang-otp-native artifacts
2011-02-09 Gregory HaskinsGet rid of remaining parent references
2011-02-09 Gregory HaskinsBe sure to include the assembly.xml
2011-02-08 Gregory HaskinsGet rid of top level pom
2011-02-08 Gregory HaskinsBreak out daemon from rpm submodule
2011-02-08 Gregory HaskinsRelocate image sources to ui submodule
2011-02-08 Gregory HaskinsConvert to 1.0 release of rpm plugin
2011-02-08 Gregory HaskinsMore RPM support
2011-02-04 Gregory HaskinsUpdate to latest maven-rpm-plugin format
2011-02-04 Gregory HaskinsConvert to new RPM package
2011-02-03 Gregory HaskinsRemove obsolete Makefile
2011-02-03 Gregory HaskinsMove RPM metadata down into submodule
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