last changeTue, 20 Sep 2011 21:31:39 +0000 (23:31 +0200)
2011-09-20 Bertrand LorentzUpdate taglib-sharp.dll to version master
2011-09-20 Bertrand LorentzUpdate sqlite3.dll to version 3.7.8
2011-09-20 Bertrand LorentzUpdate gstreamer-sharp.dll to the lastest git master
2011-09-20 Bertrand LorentzUpdate ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll from MonoDevelop
2011-09-20 Bertrand LorentzUpdate Mono.Addins and remove Mono.Addins.*.dll
2011-05-07 Dustin C. HatchRemove NDesk.DBus assemblies and add dbus-sharp
2011-05-07 Dustin C. HatchRemove more stray Banshee assemblies
2011-04-06 Gabriel BurtRemove a ton of unused Tango icons; saves several MB
2011-04-06 unknownRemove Banshee binaries from here, weren't meant to...
2011-04-06 unknownRemove some unused gst elements that we don't have...
2011-04-06 unknownbanshee-1 renamed to banshee
2011-04-06 unknownRemove tons of unused icons
2011-04-05 unknownRemove ffmpeg from lib/gstreamer-0.10/ again, add and...
2011-03-25 unknownTake lib/gstreamer-0.10/* from OSSBuild's LGPL msi...
2011-03-21 Gabriel BurtRevert "Make GtkScale's slider-length much shorter"
2011-03-09 Gabriel BurtAdd MonoPosixHelper.dll copied from Gtk# for .NET
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