[l10n] Updated German translation
[banshee:bl8-clone.git] / src / Clients /
2011-11-01 Bertrand LorentzPlayerInterface: Fix a warning log message
2011-10-23 Adam LoftsMuinshee: Don't close the dialog when pressing Enqueue...
2011-10-23 Bertrand LorentzMuinshee: Use the generic music icon for the Play Song...
2011-10-23 Bertrand LorentzMuinshee: Use the gtk-add icon for the Enqueue button...
2011-10-23 Adam LoftsMuinshee: Add clear button to the toolbar (bgo#551439)
2011-10-23 Adam LoftsMuinshee: Make the Esc key close the dialog if there...
2011-10-23 Adam LoftsMuinshee: Make double-click on an album do the same...
2011-08-17 Bertrand LorentzBooter: Document the --fetch-artwork command-line option
2011-05-07 Gabriel BurtRevert "Workaround X BadMatch crash (bgo#641515)"
2011-04-29 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-04-12 Mackenan GrassiNereid: Have ctrl-a select text in SearchEntry (bgo...
2011-03-29 Gabriel BurtBooter: don't use sgen GC on Linux
2011-03-29 Zhou TingMeeGo: Pause video on window close (bgo#646048)
2011-03-22 Gabriel BurtWorkaround X BadMatch crash (bgo#641515)
2011-03-14 Gabriel BurtKeep using 'banshee-1' for cache/config directories
2011-03-14 Chow Loong JinComplete rename of binaries and desktop files
2011-03-14 Chow Loong JinFixup paths in banshee loader scripts
2011-03-14 Chow Loong JinRename banshee-1 loader script to banshee
2011-03-11 Pete JohansonMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into dbus-sharp
2011-02-28 Pete JohansonMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-02-04 Gabriel Burtwindows: Build Nereid and Services with WIN32 defined
2011-02-02 Gabriel Burtwindows: Change OutputPath to bin/bin
2011-02-02 Pete JohansonMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-01-26 Gabriel Burtbuild: MonoDevelop csproj file updates
2011-01-26 Dustin C. HatchRemove <Package> elements from project refs (bgo#639808)
2010-11-17 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Fix search entry getting resized on startup
2010-11-14 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Make --smooth-scroll affect the SourceView
2010-11-14 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Prevent crash on startup in MeeGo
2010-11-07 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Always grab search entry focus on ctrl+f
2010-11-07 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Hide search entry resizer when entry hidden
2010-11-05 Alan McGovern[ThickClient] Keep a managed reference to the TaskStatu...
2010-11-02 Zhou Ting[Booter] Use the MeeGo client if appropriate (bgo#632420)
2010-10-20 Aaron BockoverFix insecure LD_LIBRARY_PATH (bnc#642505)
2010-10-18 Alexander KojevnikovBooter: Fix --gc=sgen option
2010-10-13 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Make the search entry resizable
2010-10-06 Gabriel BurtUse Mono's new SGen GC when available
2010-10-06 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Make UI cleaner
2010-10-06 Gabriel Burt[ThickClient] Make the seek slider resizable (bgo#537580)
2010-09-23 Alexander Kojevnikovdbus: Fix .csproj references
2010-09-23 Jérémie Lavaldbus: Replace NDesk.DBus references by dbus-sharp ...
2010-09-16 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Fix bug preventing typing S into webviews
2010-08-24 Gabriel BurtChange banshee-project.org to banshee.fm
2010-08-16 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Improve the Simplified mode
2010-08-15 Gabriel Burt[NowPlaying] Add a Simplify action that declutters...
2010-08-13 Alex Launi[build] Add AppleDevice project to monodevelop solution
2010-08-13 Gabriel Burt[UI] Make the search entry's EmptyMessage more informative
2010-08-10 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Fix glitchy search entry
2010-08-06 Aaron BockoverFixed search order in LD_LIBRARY_PATH for launcher
2010-07-28 Aaron BockoverRename all Moblin instances to MeeGo
2010-07-15 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Make ctrl-f and / work on all search entries
2010-07-09 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'hyena-submodule'
2010-07-09 Christian KrauseAdd Backends to LD_LIBRARY_PATH in launcher
2010-06-17 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into hyena-submodule
2010-06-05 Gabriel Burt[build] Fix up sln/csproj files for hyena submodule
2010-06-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'docs'
2010-06-03 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into gst#
2010-05-23 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Change output type in .csproj
2010-05-23 Gabriel Burt[build] Fix .csproj file references
2010-05-22 Gabriel Burt[build] Fixes for the Windows build
2010-05-22 Bertrand LorentzMerge branch 'master' into lastfm-split
2010-05-20 Alexander Kojevnikov[Booter] Fix ArgumentNullException
2010-05-16 Bertrand Lorentz[MeeGo] Fix compilation after the move of 'Paths' to...
2010-05-15 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Set the HeightRequest of the custom title
2010-05-15 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Allow customizing the src title widget
2010-05-14 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Let sources override double click behavior
2010-05-14 Aaron Bockover[MeeGo] make the source view color a tad lighter
2010-05-12 Aaron Bockover[Nereid] More MeeGo visual improvements
2010-05-05 Gabriel Burt[MeeGo] Keep the search entries synced
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockover[Nereid] Only force ArtworkSize for MeeGo
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockover[Nereid] More MeeGo customization (theme, spacing)
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockover[MeeGo] maximize/undecorate main window in Nereid
2010-05-05 Aaron BockoverRevert "[Booter] If running on MeeGo, use MeeGo.exe"
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockover[Booter] If running on MeeGo, use MeeGo.exe
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockover[MeeGo] Added a MeeGo client entry assembly
2010-04-27 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Don't set Volume=100 in MeeGo
2010-04-19 Alexander KojevnikovAdd AlbumArtist to the search menu (bgo#615692)
2010-04-17 Jeroen BudtsAdd `--fullscreen` switch (bgo#615223)
2010-04-12 Ruben VermeerschMove `Paths` to Hyena (bgo#605891)
2010-04-05 Aaron Bockover[GlobalUIActions] don't present the main window
2010-04-05 Aaron Bockover[GlobalUIActions] DBus iface for showing dialogs
2010-03-21 Aaron Bockover[Nereid] add a global GDK/X event filter
2010-03-21 Aaron Bockover[PlaybackShuffleActions] optionally expose repeat
2010-03-21 Aaron Bockover[MeeGo] customize the Nereid client UI
2010-03-12 Gabriel Burt[Nereid] Don't capture 's' if keybindings disabled
2010-03-09 Christopher James... Merge branch 'gapless-ng'
2010-03-09 Aaron BockoverMerged master branch into grid
2010-03-09 Alexander KojevnikovMerge branch 'youtube'
2010-03-08 Gabriel BurtDisable CheckForOverflowUnderflow in many .csproj
2010-03-07 Alexander Kojevnikov[Muinshee] Allow to reorder the queue (bgo#601615)
2010-03-07 Alexander Kojevnikov[Muinshee] Hide previous songs
2010-03-07 Alexander Kojevnikov[Muinshee] Disable Auto-DJ (bgo#595749)
2010-03-03 Gabriel BurtDisable keybindings for IDisableKeybindings widgets
2010-03-03 Gabriel BurtMonoDevelop on Linux's take on the .csproj refs
2010-03-03 Gabriel BurtUpdate to build on Windows with MonoDevelop 2.2.1
2010-03-02 Gabriel BurtChange slow-query thresholds to 6k/12k items
2010-03-02 Gabriel BurtImprove search responsiveness on large libraries
2010-02-28 Ján Sokoly[build] *.csproj fixes for building on windows
2010-02-28 Christopher James... Merge branch 'master' into gapless-ng
2010-02-26 Alexander Kojevnikov[Halie] Relative values for --set-volume (bgo#610981)
2010-02-24 Gabriel BurtAdd the Extensions subdir to LD_LIBRARY_PATH