[l10n] Updated German translation
[banshee:bl8-clone.git] / extras /
2011-11-30 Bertrand LorentzUpdate the create-release-notes script to point to...
2011-11-05 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Bump gio-sharp requirement to 2.22.3 (bgo#663269)
2011-11-02 Andrés G. Aragonesesextras: fix typo in create-release-notes (href)
2011-11-02 Bertrand LorentzUpdate the create-release-notes script
2011-09-11 Bertrand Lorentzmake-release: Don't upload the .gz
2011-09-07 Bertrand Lorentzmake-release: Re-enable the creation of the new version...
2011-05-15 Bertrand Lorentzmake-release: Upload the doap file to the download...
2011-05-12 Bertrand LorentzUpdate the create-release-notes script
2011-05-12 Bertrand LorentzUpdate the release process for the tarball installation...
2011-04-29 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-04-16 Andrés G. AragonesesUpdate some bugzilla broken links in comments & changelogs
2011-03-25 Alexander Kojevnikovmake-release: Simplify checksum calculation
2011-03-24 Aaron BockoverEnsure sha256 sum output is consistent
2011-03-24 Alexander Kojevnikovrelease: Fix create-release-notes
2011-03-14 Chow Loong JinComplete rename of binaries and desktop files
2011-03-11 Pete JohansonMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into dbus-sharp
2011-03-09 Gabriel BurtUpdate for 1.9.5 release
2011-03-05 Alexander Kojevnikovmake-release: Open the bgo URL with xdg-open
2011-02-28 Pete JohansonMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-02-23 Alexander Kojevnikovrelease: Fix extras/make-release under FreeBSD
2011-02-02 Pete JohansonMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-01-26 Gabriel Burtbuild: MonoDevelop csproj file updates
2011-01-13 Gabriel Burtrelease: update README and create-release-notes script
2010-12-15 Alexander KojevnikovMore /usr/bin/env fixes
2010-12-15 Alexander Kojevnikov/usr/bin/env usage
2010-11-10 Gabriel Burt[release] Update README.releasing
2010-11-10 Gabriel Burt[release] Add extras/create-release-notes script
2010-09-16 Gabriel Burt[release] update README.releasing
2010-08-13 Alex Launi[build] Add AppleDevice project to monodevelop solution
2010-08-13 Bertrand Lorentz[metrics] Remove duplicate Metrics.csproj file
2010-07-09 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'hyena-submodule'
2010-07-01 Alexander KojevnikovUpdate README.releasing and release-rc
2010-06-17 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into hyena-submodule
2010-06-05 Gabriel Burt[build] Fix up sln/csproj files for hyena submodule
2010-06-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into hyena-submodule
2010-06-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'docs'
2010-06-03 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into gst#
2010-05-26 Bertrand Lorentz[extras] A few tweaks to README.releasing
2010-05-26 Gabriel Burt[extras] Add README.releasing file
2010-05-22 Bertrand LorentzMerge branch 'master' into lastfm-split
2010-05-18 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Add .csproj and update db location
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockover[MeeGo] Added a make monitor-meego target
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockoverpush-meego: only push changes since last push
2010-05-05 Aaron BockoverAdded push-meego script
2010-04-28 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Try to speed up the db
2010-04-09 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Add --timeline option
2010-03-26 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] usage report import improvements
2010-03-25 Aaron Bockover[darwin] lame script to build the whole world
2010-03-13 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Support incremental download/load
2010-03-11 Gabriel BurtUpdate extras/make-release to work w/o OS X build
2010-03-10 Aaron BockoverMerge branch 'grid'
2010-03-09 Christopher James... Merge branch 'gapless-ng'
2010-03-09 Bertrand Lorentz[build] Fix make distcheck
2010-03-09 Aaron BockoverMerged master branch into grid
2010-03-03 Gabriel BurtUpdate to build on Windows with MonoDevelop 2.2.1
2010-03-02 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Better analysis
2010-02-28 Christopher James... Merge branch 'master' into gapless-ng
2010-02-28 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Better analysis
2010-02-25 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Add Makefile.am
2010-02-25 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Tweaks
2010-02-23 Bertrand Lorentz[extras] Improvements to create-contributors-paragraph...
2010-02-23 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Rough analysis of almost all metrics
2010-02-23 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Start adding some cool analysis
2010-02-19 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] Start doing some basic analysis
2010-02-19 Gabriel Burt[extras/metrics] New project to load/analyze metrics...
2010-02-16 Aaron Bockover[perf-analyze-log] show total times, in python now
2010-02-13 Gabriel Burt[Hyena.Metrics] Fix HttpPoster, and add server script
2010-02-05 Christopher James... Merge remote branch 'gitorious/master' into gapless-ng
2010-01-22 Gabriel BurtUpdate AUTHORS and add script to gen it
2009-06-01 Aaron Bockover[build] Bumped to 1.5.0, update tag name in the release...
2009-05-24 Aaron Bockover[build] updated DOAP file with release info, upload...
2009-05-24 Aaron Bockover[build] fixed OS X build again, added new release script
2009-05-23 Aaron BockoverFriends, our beloved ChangeLog is no more. Long live...
2009-05-16 Aaron BockoverScript to analyze service startup times
2009-01-22 Aaron BockoverAdded a sweet script for debugging open Banshee processes
2008-03-04 Aaron BockoverVarious build stuff
2008-01-27 Aaron BockoverTons of build re-adjustments... stand by
2007-11-05 Aaron BockoverMore build updates
2007-05-22 Aaron BockoverAdded
2007-05-22 Aaron BockoverUpdated to reflect tools and extras directory changes