[l10n] Updated German translation
[banshee:bl8-clone.git] / bootstrap-bundle
2011-03-11 Pete JohansonMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into dbus-sharp
2011-03-04 Aaron BockoverOS X Build: Work with new bockbuild, add MonoMac
2010-06-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'docs'
2010-06-03 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into gst#
2010-03-29 Aaron Bockover[bootstrap-bundle] work with external bockbuild
2010-03-20 Aaron Bockover[build] add profile-configure
2010-03-10 Aaron BockoverMerge branch 'grid'
2010-03-09 Aaron Bockover[build] enable podcast on bootstrap configure
2010-03-09 Aaron BockoverMerged master branch into grid
2010-02-28 Christopher James... Merge branch 'master' into gapless-ng
2010-02-25 Aaron Bockover[darwin] obsolete --enable-osx, auto-detect darwin
2010-02-06 Aaron Bockover[darwin] disable webkit when configuring Banshee
2010-02-05 Christopher James... Merge remote branch 'gitorious/master' into gapless-ng
2010-01-20 Aaron BockoverMerge branch 'master' into grid
2010-01-20 Alexander KojevnikovMerge branch 'master' into watcher
2010-01-19 Aaron Bockover[build] pass --enable-osx if profile is darwin
2010-01-09 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into platform-hyena
2010-01-09 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into grid
2010-01-07 Aaron Bockover[build] finished migrating to v2 of bundle builder
2010-01-07 Aaron Bockover[build] big reorg of the bundle builder
2010-01-06 Aaron Bockover[build] renamed bootstrap-osx to bootstrap-bundle