[l10n] Updated German translation
[banshee:bl8-clone.git] / banshee.doap
2011-12-21 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Bump version to 2.3.3
2011-11-30 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Bump version to 2.3.2
2011-11-02 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Fix wording in NEWS
2011-09-19 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Bump version to 2.2.0
2011-09-07 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Bump version to 2.1.4
2011-08-24 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Bump version to 2.1.3
2011-05-12 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Update URLs of the tarballs
2011-05-12 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Add some clarifications to README and NEWS
2011-05-11 Alexander Kojevnikovrelease: Bump the version number
2011-04-29 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-04-27 Gabriel BurtAdd description to banshee.doap
2011-04-04 Gabriel BurtUpdate banshee.doap for 2.0
2011-03-28 Gabriel Burtbanshee.doap: Change BGO to our product page
2011-03-25 Alexander KojevnikovUpdate email address
2011-03-24 Alexander Kojevnikovbuild: Bump the version number
2011-03-11 Pete JohansonMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into dbus-sharp
2011-03-09 Gabriel BurtUpdate for 1.9.5 release
2011-02-28 Pete JohansonMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-02-23 Alexander Kojevnikovrelease: Bump version to 1.9.4
2011-02-02 Gabriel Burtrelease: Update configure.ac, banshee.doap to 1.9.3
2011-02-02 Pete JohansonMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-01-12 Gabriel Burtrelease: Update NEWS, doap, configure.ac for 1.9.2
2010-12-15 Alexander KojevnikovUpdate NEWS and bump the version number
2010-11-10 Gabriel Burt[release] Update configure, doap, NEWS
2010-09-29 Gabriel Burt[release] Update banshee.doap
2010-09-15 Gabriel Burt[release] Update NEWS, doap, and configure.ac
2010-09-01 Bertrand Lorentz[release] Prepare for 1.7.5 release
2010-08-24 Gabriel BurtChange banshee-project.org to banshee.fm
2010-08-11 Gabriel BurtPrepare for 1.7.4 release
2010-07-21 Aaron BockoverUpdate banshee.doap, display_version in configure
2010-07-09 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'hyena-submodule'
2010-06-30 Alexander KojevnikovBump version to 1.7.2
2010-06-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into hyena-submodule
2010-06-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'docs'
2010-06-03 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into gst#
2010-05-26 Bertrand LorentzUpdate doap file for 1.7.1
2010-05-22 Bertrand LorentzMerge branch 'master' into lastfm-split
2010-05-05 Gabriel Burt[release] Prepare for 1.7.0 release
2010-03-31 Gabriel Burt[release] Bump configure.ac and doap file to 1.6.0
2010-03-23 Aaron Bockover[release] update banshee.doap for 1.5.7
2010-03-20 Gabriel BurtUpdate AUTHORS and banshee.doap
2010-03-11 Gabriel BurtUpdate NEWS and banshee.doap
2010-03-09 Christopher James... Merge branch 'gapless-ng'
2010-03-09 Aaron BockoverMerged master branch into grid
2010-03-02 Gabriel BurtUpdate MAINTAINERS and banshee.doap
2010-02-05 Christopher James... Merge remote branch 'gitorious/master' into gapless-ng
2010-01-09 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into platform-hyena
2009-12-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into typeahead
2009-12-01 Alexander KojevnikovMerge branch 'master' into watcher
2009-11-21 Gabriel BurtUpdate banshee.doap for 1.5.2
2009-05-24 Aaron Bockover[doap] fix mismatched tag
2009-05-24 Aaron Bockover[build] updated DOAP file with release info, upload...
2009-04-27 Bertrand LorentzAdd mailto: in front of e-mail addresses
2009-04-24 Aaron BockoverAdded some more descriptive DOAP
2009-04-24 Gabriel BurtAdd banshee.doap for cgit purposes