[l10n] Updated German translation
[banshee:bl8-clone.git] / Makefile.am
2011-05-07 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Remove XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 from make run
2011-04-29 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2011-04-27 Gabriel Burtcleanup: Remove bundled gstreamer equalizer
2011-03-29 Gabriel Burtbuild: Set XLIB_SKIP_ARGB_VISUALS=1 in 'make run'
2011-02-02 Pete JohansonMerge branch 'master' into dbus-sharp
2010-11-17 Gabriel Burt[build] Add run-profiled target
2010-11-14 Gabriel Burt[build] Update to latest Hyena; use new sqlite binding
2010-08-24 Gabriel BurtChange banshee-project.org to banshee.fm
2010-08-23 Aaron Bockover[build] clean up some gnome-doc-utils stuff
2010-07-09 Gabriel Burt[hyena] Move to src/Hyena
2010-06-17 Gabriel BurtMove hyena/ submodule to lib/Hyena
2010-06-17 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into hyena-submodule
2010-06-08 Bertrand Lorentz[build] Do not override DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS in...
2010-06-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into hyena-submodule
2010-06-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'docs'
2010-06-03 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into gst#
2010-05-26 Gabriel Burt[build] Add Hyena as a submodule
2010-05-22 Bertrand LorentzMerge branch 'master' into lastfm-split
2010-05-12 Aaron Bockover[build] Added package-po target to Makefile.am
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockover[package-patch] ignore the DOAP file
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockover[MeeGo] Added a make monitor-meego target
2010-05-05 Aaron Bockover[build] added a package-patch target
2010-05-05 Aaron BockoverAdded push-meego script
2010-03-23 Aaron Bockover[build] include autogen.sh in the dist
2010-03-21 Gabriel Burt[build] add 'make update-docs' top-level target
2010-03-09 Christopher James... Merge branch 'gapless-ng'
2010-03-09 Aaron BockoverMerged master branch into grid
2010-03-09 Alexander KojevnikovMerge branch 'youtube'
2010-03-07 Alexander Kojevnikov[build] Add run-muinshee target
2010-02-28 Christopher James... Merge branch 'master' into gapless-ng
2010-02-17 Aaron Bockover[build] some more useful run targets
2010-02-12 Gabriel BurtAdd run-profile-heap target
2010-02-05 Christopher James... Merge remote branch 'gitorious/master' into gapless-ng
2010-01-27 Gabriel Burt[docs] Add makefu
2010-01-22 Aaron BockoverMerge branch 'master' into grid
2010-01-21 Aaron Bockover[build] ensure an environment is sourced if one exists
2010-01-20 Alexander KojevnikovMerge branch 'master' into watcher
2010-01-09 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into platform-hyena
2010-01-09 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into grid
2010-01-06 Aaron Bockover[build] use cp -rf instead of cp -a
2009-12-19 Alexander KojevnikovMerge branch 'master' into watcher
2009-12-15 Aaron BockoverMerged master into grid
2009-12-12 Gabriel BurtAdd make run-trace target to trace all method calls
2009-12-05 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'master' into typeahead
2009-12-04 Gabriel BurtBring back the glorious colored logging
2009-09-29 Christopher James... Merge in gapless work.
2009-08-15 Alex BenneeFix invocation of mdb by "make mdb"
2009-05-23 Aaron Bockover[build] generate a useful tin-foil-hat ChangeLog
2009-05-16 Aaron BockoverScript to analyze service startup times
2009-03-11 Gabriel BurtAdd 'make csharp' target that references Gtk#, Hyena...
2008-10-25 Aaron Bockoverdistcheck and potfiles update
2008-10-24 Aaron BockoverPatch from patch-master-organizer Bertrand Lorentz...
2008-10-24 Aaron BockoverRemoved old windows dist stuff, cleaned up, organized
2008-09-04 Gabriel BurtUse ThreadAssist.ProxyToMain to ensure GUI actions...
2008-06-18 Aaron BockoverCopied the GStreamer equalizer (10-band) element from...
2008-05-29 Aaron BockoverAdd label support
2008-04-28 Aaron BockoverMake ConditionSql virtual and add a protected setter...
2008-04-17 Aaron BockoverAdd a gdb target
2008-04-12 Gabriel BurtThis commit adds usable MTP device support. Still no...
2008-03-30 Gabriel BurtThis commit adds Jump to Playing support, and hides...
2008-02-27 Gabriel BurtThis commit brings back a thread-safe database layer...
2008-02-20 Aaron BockoverMinor fixes for Windows
2008-02-16 Aaron BockoverOnly run these hacks if we are on Unix, and don't crash...
2008-02-06 Aaron BockoverOkay, so this is a big one. Probably nasty. This commit...
2008-01-29 Gabriel Burtadd --debug to mono call.
2008-01-27 Aaron BockoverMake make run work
2008-01-27 Aaron BockoverTons of build re-adjustments... stand by
2007-11-07 Aaron BockoverMinor build changes; make exception dialog show chained...
2007-05-22 Aaron BockoverUpdated to reflect tools and extras directory changes
2007-01-01 Aaron BockoverAdded MonoDevelop projects for plugins and engines...
2007-01-01 Aaron BockoverRemove pkglibdir if empty
2007-01-01 Aaron BockoverAlmost done with high-level reorg
2007-01-01 Aaron BockoverMoved hal, taglib, dbus to /ext
2006-12-23 Aaron BockoverNOTE: A new configuration system has been added. With...
2006-12-09 Aaron BockoverBanshee 0.11.3 Released!
2006-10-19 Aaron BockoverAdd build to SUBDIRS
2006-10-10 Aaron BockoverUse cairo for drawing the progress overlay, make more...
2006-09-21 Aaron BockoverAdded run target
2006-09-21 Aaron BockoverThe new global build magic
2006-09-20 Aaron BockoverAdded new managed version of dbus-sharp; much to change...
2006-09-17 Aaron BockoverRemove burn-sharp
2006-09-06 Aaron BockoverAdded new tools/ build
2006-08-26 Aaron BockoverAdded tests to SUBDIRS
2006-08-24 Aaron Bockoverremoved in favor of taglib-sharp
2006-03-15 Aaron BockoverPatches by Sebastian Dröge:
2005-12-18 Aaron BockoverRemoved
2005-12-01 Aaron BockoverChanged namespace to Banshee.Widgets
2005-11-26 Aaron Bockovernew glue for HAL removed plugincore and mediaengines
2005-11-10 Aaron BockoverMade DISTCLEAN a little more standard/correct and moved...
2005-10-21 Aaron BockoverUpdated DISTCLEANFILES/CLEANFILES
2005-09-22 Aaron BockoverAdded compile to DISTCLEANFILES
2005-08-31 Aaron Bockoverremoved duplicate po/ from SUBDIRS
2005-08-30 Dan Winshipadd po/
2005-08-28 Aaron Bockoverlibbanshee added to SUBDIRS
2005-08-28 Aaron BockoverRemoved libsonance, notification area icon code now...
2005-08-27 Aaron BockoverHACKING, MAINTAINERS
2005-08-27 Aaron BockoverAdded po to SUBDIRS
2005-08-26 Aaron BockoverUpdated for translations, build system fixes
2005-08-25 Aaron BockoverUpdated for entagged-sharp
2005-08-11 Aaron Bockoveroops