2011-06-13 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Bump version to 2.1.1 2.1.1
2011-06-13 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Update translations from Transifex
2011-06-13 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Update AUTHORS, NEWS and README for 2.1.1
2011-06-09 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Update the .pot file
2011-06-09 Bertrand LorentzLastfmFingerprint: Remove a few unused variables
2011-06-09 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Only use one TextureHolder instance
2011-06-09 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Don't update the texture size while we...
2011-06-09 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Another round of code formatting changes
2011-05-30 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Major refactoring for a simpler code base
2011-05-29 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Always do the artwork lookup in a separate...
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Various cosmetic code cleanups
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzUpdate .gitignore
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Remove useless properties
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Remove useless field in ArtworkLookup
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Avoid race conditions in CoverManager...
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Split several classes into their own files
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Remove useless method in ClutterFlowService
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Fix changes being ignored for some preferences
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Some more cosmetic code changes and reform...
2011-05-28 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Fix code indentation and formatting
2011-05-28 Chow Loong JinDrop crlf normalizing for sln files
2011-05-28 Chow Loong JinUse -C instead of pushd/popd for update-pot
2011-05-28 Chow Loong JinRemove TARGET definition in ZeitgeistDP's Makefile
2011-05-28 Chow Loong JinMove ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS into
2011-05-27 Bertrand LorentzUpdate solution and .csproj files for DBus#
2011-05-27 Chow Loong JinBump banshee dependency
2011-05-27 Chow Loong JinUse DBus# instead of NDesk.DBus
2011-05-06 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Add new translations from transifex
2011-05-06 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: update de.po to fix lp#777372
2011-05-03 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Remove some commented-out code
2011-05-03 Bertrand LorentzLyrics: Always update pane title when track changes...
2011-05-03 Olivier Dufour[clutterflow] Fix NRE bug 647134
2011-04-30 Chow Loong JinComplete rename of lirc_* symbols
2011-04-30 Chow Loong JinDrop moduleref
2011-04-29 Manish SinhaMerge branch 'master' of
2011-04-29 Manish SinhaFixed the problem with Unity lenses spamming
2011-04-28 Frank Ziegler[LiveRadio] Re-enable ShoutCast with request structure...
2011-04-28 Frank ZieglerKaraoke: add an gst_init() call to make sure gstreamer...
2011-04-28 Frank ZieglerKaraoke: fix NRE on dispose if audiokaraoke was not...
2011-04-25 Chow Loong Jin[Lastfm Fingerprint] Don't strdup strings
2011-04-25 Olivier Dufour[Lastfm Fingerprint] Fix empty name exception bug 648168
2011-04-25 KrissUpdated the shoutcast plugin to fix the IP address
2011-04-23 Manish SinhaFixed Launchpad Bug #691842 which says that Banshee...
2011-04-23 Manish SinhaFixed the launchpad bug #748120 which takes care of...
2011-04-05 Manish SinhaFixed Bug in Zeitgeist dataprovider 3
2011-04-04 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Bump version to 2.0.0 2.0.0
2011-04-04 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Update NEWS for 2.0.0
2011-04-04 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Update translations from transifex
2011-04-04 Bertrand LorentzLyrics: Improve writing lyrics to the cache
2011-03-24 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Bump version to 1.9.6 1.9.6
2011-03-24 Bertrand LorentzStreamRecorder: Remove obsolete packaging files
2011-03-24 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Update translations from transifex
2011-03-23 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Update NEWS for the 1.9.6 release
2011-03-22 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Update the .pot file
2011-03-22 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Update translations from transifex
2011-03-22 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Sort files in
2011-03-22 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Add new Greek and Portuguese translations
2011-03-20 Frank ZieglerJamendo: Allow cancelling downloads (bgo#635870)
2011-03-19 Chow Loong JinUpdate with missing files from Karaoke
2011-03-19 Alexander KojevnikovAmpache: Fix compile error
2011-03-19 Frank Ziegler[Karaoke] added for optional scrolling...
2011-03-14 Gabriel Burtbuild: Reflect Banshee's banshee-1 to banshee change
2011-03-14 Bertrand LorentzClutterFlow: Handle horizontal scrolling properly ...
2011-03-10 Frank Ziegler[LiveRadio] removed loads of annoying debug messages
2011-03-10 Frank Ziegler[Karaoke] removed old and unreferenced files, namely...
2011-03-10 Frank Ziegler[Streamrecorder] new rebuild of Recorder logic for...
2011-03-10 Frank Zieglerrelease: bump version to 1.9.5 1.9.5
2011-03-10 Frank Zieglerrelease: Update NEWS for 1.9.5
2011-03-09 Frank ZieglerRevert "Streamrecorder: rebuild Recorder logic for...
2011-03-08 Frank ZieglerKaraoke: fixed audio-sink switching via property after...
2011-03-08 Frank ZieglerStreamrecorder: rebuild Recorder logic for fixing bgo...
2011-03-07 Frank Ziegler[Streamrecorder] bump Hyena version
2011-03-03 Frank Zieglerrelease: bump version to 1.9.4 1.9.4
2011-03-03 Frank Zieglerrelease: Update AUTHORS and NEWS for 1.9.4
2011-02-22 Frank Ziegler[i18n] update translations from transifex
2011-02-21 Bertrand Lorentzi18n: Update the .pot file
2011-02-21 Bertrand LorentzKaraoke: Improve layout of the configuration dialog
2011-02-21 Bertrand LorentzKaraoke: Small clean-ups
2011-02-21 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Integrate the Karaoke extension in the build...
2011-02-21 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Don't build the Jamendo extension if it's disabled
2011-02-21 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Fix error message in jamendo.m4
2011-02-21 Chow Loong Jin[Karaoke] Add Karaoke .cs files to
2011-02-21 Chow Loong JinFix return value when NOCONFIGURE set
2011-02-21 Chow Loong JinFix up inverted logic in NOCONFIGURE
2011-02-21 Chow Loong JinSupport running without configuring
2011-02-21 Frank Ziegler[Lyrics] fix NullPointerException when artist name...
2011-02-20 Chow Loong Jin[Ampache] Replace unicode char with \u expansion
2011-02-20 Chow Loong Jin[Lirc] Fix warning and potential memory issues
2011-02-16 Frank Ziegler[Karaoke] beautified sliders in config dialog
2011-02-16 Frank Ziegler[Karaoke] Added on/off toggle button and config dialog...
2011-02-15 Frank Ziegler[Karaoke] clean up unused usings and unnecessary log...
2011-02-15 Frank Ziegler[Karaoke] Add Streamrecorder dependency in addin.xml...
2011-02-14 Frank ZieglerMerge branch 'karaoke'
2011-02-14 Frank Ziegler[Karaoke] Create new Karaoke extension to filter the...
2011-02-12 Frank Zieglerfix bgo#628551 Add missing unique ids
2011-02-12 Frank Ziegler[Karaoke] create new extension Karaoke for muting singi...
2011-02-11 Olivier Dufour[lastfm fingerprint] Fix fex exceptions:
2011-02-09 Olivier DufourFix project file
2011-02-03 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: bump version to 1.9.3 1.9.3
2011-02-03 Bertrand Lorentzrelease: Update NEWS for 1.9.3