Dap.Bluetooth: Extract Gnome specific component
[banshee-community-extensions:banshee-community-extensions.git] / src /
2014-08-05 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Extract Gnome specific component
2014-08-05 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: organise/rename
2014-08-05 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Update for Gnome 3.12
2014-08-04 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: renamed *Source class to *Solver...
2014-08-04 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: extended status info with "Setting...
2014-08-04 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: break if condition then stmt
2014-08-04 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Don't force sync if AutoSync active
2014-08-04 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Use TimeSpan.FromSeconds for Sleep
2014-08-04 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Synchronous sync
2014-08-04 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: fix build against banshee master
2014-08-03 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: improve notifyUser function
2014-08-02 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: handled unexcepted exceptions
2014-08-02 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: minors - typo, fixed slashes in...
2014-08-02 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: use "not" in more readable way
2014-08-02 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: don't run metadata sender if Acous...
2014-08-02 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: made api key invisible in a prefer...
2014-08-02 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: minor - more accurate name for...
2014-08-02 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: added preferences section
2014-08-02 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Separate schedule and auto sync
2014-08-02 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Crawler, extract Drop to function
2014-08-02 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Sleep between root requests
2014-08-02 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Adds scheduled connection
2014-08-01 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick: display city name in "Find music events by...
2014-07-31 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Redundancy and Match Improvements
2014-07-28 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: sending metadata on one of the...
2014-07-28 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: fixed background job implementation
2014-07-28 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: submitting metadata to an AcoustID...
2014-07-26 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: used AcoustIDSender in plugin...
2014-07-26 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: implemented acoustid metadata...
2014-07-26 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: fixed warnings
2014-07-26 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: added gnome-keyring based password...
2014-07-24 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Now with Hyena.Log support
2014-07-24 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: make log message more informative
2014-07-24 Frank ZieglerRadiostationfetcher: Migrate to GTK3 and re-enable
2014-07-24 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: fix GSlice memory error
2014-07-24 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: add dynamic recovery cache when the last was...
2014-07-24 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: fix infinite iterations when there is no Intern...
2014-07-24 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: refactoring in FanArtQueryJob.Lookup()
2014-07-24 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: make sql commands more readable
2014-07-24 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: add ability to get ArtistName by MusicBrainzID
2014-07-23 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: make cache folder name in lower
2014-07-23 Dmitrii PetukhovCacheService: check whether directory exist on add
2014-07-23 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: unsubscribe from ExtensionChanged event when...
2014-07-23 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: simplify methods
2014-07-23 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: set last scan time to null when...
2014-07-22 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: cache server reply
2014-07-22 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: fix build and change project reference to just...
2014-07-22 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: add reference to CacheService
2014-07-22 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: throw away generic catch blocks
2014-07-22 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: remove FanArtMetadataProvider when extension...
2014-07-22 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: fix SQL errors (bgo#733558)
2014-07-22 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: detach Service from LocationProvi...
2014-07-21 Andrés G. AragonesesSongKick: no need to specify path for FSharp.Core
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: fix Cairo Surface leaking problem
2014-07-21 Andrés G. AragonesesFanArt: refactoring in ArtistColumnCell.Render()
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick: fix obscure error message
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick: fix types in Search
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovFanArt: make exception catching more specific
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick: check query string for null or empty before use
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovCacheService: check keys for null or empty
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: Empty artist names shall not...
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: implement ICityNameObserver in...
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: fix refresh time issue
2014-07-21 Frank ZieglerLiveRadio: Migrated to GTK3 and re-enable
2014-07-21 Frank ZieglerKaraoke: fix build and re-enable
2014-07-21 Frank ZieglerAmpache: Migrate to GTK3 and re-enable
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: fix typo
2014-07-21 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: improve refresh logic
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerAwn: Migrated to GTK3 and re-enabling
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerAppIndicator: Migrated to GTK3 to compile
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerStreamrecorder: fixed build and re-enable
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerLyrics: Migrated to GTK3, but did not re-enable as...
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerTelepathy: Migrated to GTK3
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerCoverwallpaper: fixed build by not taking CS1701 warnin...
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerLCD: Migrated to GTK3 and re-enabled
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerJamendo: Updated to latest Hyena logging convention...
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerFolderSync: Migrated to GTK3 and re-enabled
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerAlarmclock: migrated to GTK3 and re-enabled extension
2014-07-19 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: cleanup code and get rid of mutables
2014-07-19 Dmitrii PetukhovCacheService: minor changes
2014-07-19 Andrés G. AragonesesFanArt: last (hopefully) Fanart->FanArt renaming
2014-07-19 Andrés G. AragonesesFanArt: minor code cleanup
2014-07-19 Andrés G. AragonesesFanArt: more Fanart->FanArt renaming, this time in...
2014-07-19 Andrés G. AragonesesFanArt: rename most "Fanart" artifacts to "FanArt"...
2014-07-19 Andrés G. AragonesesArtistListCovers: last touches
2014-07-19 Frank ZieglerArtistListCovers: new extension (bgo#646765)
2014-07-19 Andrés G. AragonesesFanArt: rename some files, to avoid redundancy in names...
2014-07-18 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: change addin metadata
2014-07-18 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick: fix crash at observers iteration
2014-07-18 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKickGeoLocation: fix sources accumulation problem
2014-07-18 Dmitrii PetukhovCacheService and SongKickGeoLocation: follow guidelines
2014-07-18 Dmitrii PetukhovCacheService: add more log messages
2014-07-18 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: call notifications from the main...
2014-07-18 Frank ZieglerFanArt: adapt to new ArtistList API in banshee master...
2014-07-18 Andrés G. AragonesesFanart: fix warnings as errors from last hyena's deprec...
2014-07-18 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick and CacheService Logging: bring latest hyena
2014-07-17 Nicholas Littlebuild: Enable migration to xbuild (BGO#733326)
2014-07-17 Nicholas LittleBluetooth: honor $top_builddir var in Makefile
2014-07-17 Dmitrii PetukhovCacheService and SongKick.GeoLocation: fix nitpicks
2014-07-17 Andrés G. AragonesesBluetooth: populate the submodule at build time