Dap.Bluetooth: Extract Gnome specific component
[banshee-community-extensions:banshee-community-extensions.git] / build /
2014-08-04 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: added gnome-keyring dependency...
2014-07-24 Frank ZieglerRadiostationfetcher: Migrate to GTK3 and re-enable
2014-07-21 Frank ZieglerLiveRadio: Migrated to GTK3 and re-enable
2014-07-21 Frank ZieglerKaraoke: fix build and re-enable
2014-07-21 Frank ZieglerAmpache: Migrate to GTK3 and re-enable
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerAwn: Migrated to GTK3 and re-enabling
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerAppIndicator: Migrated to GTK3 to compile
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerStreamrecorder: fixed build and re-enable
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerTelepathy: Migrated to GTK3
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerCoverwallpaper: fixed build by not taking CS1701 warnin...
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerLCD: Migrated to GTK3 and re-enabled
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerJamendo: Updated to latest Hyena logging convention...
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerFolderSync: Migrated to GTK3 and re-enabled
2014-07-20 Frank ZieglerAlarmclock: migrated to GTK3 and re-enabled extension
2014-07-19 Andrés G. AragonesesFanArt: rename most "Fanart" artifacts to "FanArt"...
2014-07-19 Andrés G. AragonesesFanArt: enable by default too
2014-07-19 Andrés G. Aragonesesbuild: disable nonGTK3 extensions by default & bump...
2014-07-19 Frank ZieglerArtistListCovers: new extension (bgo#646765)
2014-07-17 Nicholas Littlebuild: Enable migration to xbuild (BGO#733326)
2014-07-17 Andrés G. Aragonesesbuild: rename Banshee.Bluetooth.Dap to simply Bluetooth
2014-07-14 Nicholas Littlebuild: Add quoting and whitespace correction
2014-07-14 Andrés G. AragonesesRevert "build: don't use a fancy symbol for "#" in...
2014-07-14 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: Check for binary, not symlink
2014-07-14 Andrés G. Aragonesesbuild: don't use a fancy symbol for "#" in the m4 macro
2014-07-03 Dmitrii PetukhovMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:banshee-communit...
2014-06-23 Marcin KolnyAlbumMetadataFixer: removed AlbumMetadataFixer plugin
2014-06-23 Marcin KolnyOnlineMetadataFixer: added new (empty for now) plugin
2014-06-22 Nicholas LittleMerge branch 'master' of https://git.gitorious.org...
2014-06-22 Nicholas LittleDap.Bluetooth: The I-can-see-you prototype
2014-06-06 Dmitrii PetukhovSongKick.GeoLocation: Fix configuration script
2014-05-27 Nicholas Littleextension-templates: Correct output directory for F#
2014-05-27 Andrés G. Aragonesesextension-templates: fix clean Makefile target for F#
2014-05-27 Nicholas LittleAdds F# project template
2014-05-27 Andrés G. Aragonesesbuild: fix previous commit wrt pkg-config checks
2014-05-25 Marcin Kolny[AlbumMetadataFixer] Fixed configuration script
2013-11-23 Bertrand LorentzSwitch csproj files to Mono/.NET 4.0 target framework
2013-10-30 Frank Ziegler[Songkick] Integrate songkick into build system
2013-10-10 Bertrand LorentzMerge git://people.freedesktop.org/~slomo/banshee-commu...
2013-09-25 Frank Ziegler[Fanart] Integrate fanart into build system (due to...
2013-05-28 Sebastian DrögePort LastfmFingerprint plugin to GStreamer 1.0
2013-05-28 Sebastian DrögePort Mirage plugin to GStreamer 1.0
2013-02-18 Nikitas StamatopoulosAdded the AndroidRemote Extension
2011-10-17 Frank Ziegler[build] added autodetection for correct/latest C# compiler
2011-09-24 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Integrate the FolderSync extension in the build
2011-08-25 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Allow optional compilation of DuplicateSongDetec...
2011-08-13 Kevin AnthonyMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/banshee...
2011-08-11 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Finish up integrating the AlbumArtWriter extensi...
2011-03-14 Gabriel Burtbuild: Reflect Banshee's banshee-1 to banshee change
2011-02-21 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Integrate the Karaoke extension in the build...
2011-02-21 Bertrand Lorentzbuild: Fix error message in jamendo.m4
2011-02-14 Frank ZieglerMerge branch 'karaoke'
2011-02-12 Frank Zieglerfix bgo#628551 Add missing unique ids
2010-12-23 Bertrand Lorentz[build] Fix configure output for ZeitgeistDataprovider...
2010-12-16 Bertrand LorentzBump version and Banshee dependency to 1.9.1
2010-12-16 Bertrand Lorentz[build] Fix distcheck by cleaning out TestResult.xml...
2010-12-11 Bertrand LorentzRemove Ubuntu One Music Store extension
2010-12-11 Bertrand LorentzRemove SoundMenu extension, now available in Banshee...
2010-11-22 Chow Loong JinFix nunit checks
2010-11-20 Bertrand LorentzMerge branch 'ZeitgeistDataprovider'
2010-11-20 Bertrand Lorentz[Zeitgeist] Clean up the build integration
2010-11-19 Manish SinhaAdded the build script and basic structure of a Zeitgei...
2010-11-15 Rodney Dawes[build] Various build/unit test fixes
2010-11-13 Janez Troha[Jamendo] Initial import of the Jamendo extension
2010-11-11 Bertrand Lorentz[Ampache] Fix compilation with banshee 1.9.0
2010-11-07 Bertrand Lorentz[LastfmFingerprint] Remove libcurl dependency from...
2010-11-01 Raimo RadczewskiMerge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:banshee-communit...
2010-11-01 Bertrand LorentzMerge branch 'ampache'
2010-11-01 Bertrand Lorentz[Ampache] Integrate into the build system
2010-10-07 Bertrand Lorentz[LastfmFingerprint] Rewrite FetchMetadata to use Lastfm...
2010-10-04 Bertrand Lorentz[LastfmFingerprint] Integrate in the build and in the...
2010-10-02 Bertrand LorentzMerge branch 'randombylastfm'
2010-10-02 Bertrand Lorentz[RandomByLastfm] Improve integration in the build system
2010-09-12 Bertrand Lorentz[Lyrics] Use Banshee.WebBrowser instead of webkit-sharp
2010-09-06 Aaron Bockover[build] Bring gnome-doc-utils autofoo into the tree
2010-08-14 Alexander Kojevnikov[OpenVP] Relax tao-opengl dependency
2010-08-13 Bertrand LorentzMerge branch 'openvp'
2010-08-13 Bertrand Lorentz[OpenVP] Check for minimum version of Tao assemblies
2010-08-13 Bertrand Lorentz[OpenVP] Integrate into the build system
2010-08-13 Bertrand LorentzMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into openvp
2010-08-13 Bertrand LorentzAdd the user help to the build
2010-08-13 Bertrand Lorentz[build] Bump the global Banshee dep to 1.7.4
2010-08-13 Bertrand Lorentz[ClutterFlow] Copy the clutter-sharp assemblies during...
2010-08-13 Aaron Bockoverbuild.rules.mk: use -hook instead of -local
2010-08-13 Bertrand LorentzUpdate solution and all .csproj files
2010-08-06 Bertrand LorentzMerge branch 'soundmenu'
2010-07-25 Bertrand Lorentz[SoundMenu] Add check for notify-sharp and link to it
2010-07-17 Gabriel Burt[template] Fix .csproj Banshee/Hyena refs
2010-06-19 Bertrand Lorentz[SoundMenu] Add a new SoundMenu extension
2010-04-12 Chris HowieMerge branch 'banshee-openvp' into banshee-openvp-merge
2010-03-27 Bertrand Lorentz[AppIndicator] Only try to build by default
2010-03-27 Bertrand LorentzMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2010-03-26 Gabriel Burt[U1MS] configure output was try; is now no
2010-03-26 Bertrand Lorentz[U1MS] Try to build by default and fix dependency check
2010-03-26 Bertrand Lorentz[I18N] Replace all Catalog calls with calls to the...
2010-03-19 Sense HofstedeAdding (optional) support for Indicator Application 1
2010-03-10 Jo Shields[U1MS] Apparently I'm stupid and don't understand how...
2010-03-10 Jo Shields[U1MS] Version Banshee check for U1MS - we need an...
2010-03-10 Jo Shieldsdisable u1ms by default for now
2010-03-10 Jo ShieldsFirst draft for Ubuntu One Music Store
2010-03-09 Gabriel Burt[Mirage] Make RandomBySimilar much more sophisticated