Dap.Bluetooth: Extract Gnome specific component
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2010-04-12 Chris HowieMerge branch 'banshee-openvp' into banshee-openvp-merge
2010-03-07 Neil Loknath[Telepathy] Merge branch 'telepathy'
2010-03-06 Bertrand LorentzMerge of the Magnatune extension
2010-03-04 Gabriel BurtUpdate AUTHORS, NEWS, README, etc
2010-02-25 Bertrand LorentzMerge of the CoverWallpaper extension
2010-02-19 Bertrand LorentzMerge of the Lirc extension history
2010-02-15 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'stream-recorder'
2010-02-11 Bertrand LorentzMerge of the Awn extension
2010-02-10 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'lyrics'
2010-02-10 Mathijs DumonMerge branch 'clutterflow'
2010-02-09 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'rsf'
2010-02-07 Gabriel BurtMerge branch 'mirage'
2010-02-07 Gabriel Burt[mirage] Move all files to src/Mirage
2010-02-04 Bertrand LorentzSubtree merge of the AlarmClock extension
2010-02-04 Bertrand LorentzInitial commit
2009-05-31 David CorralesAdded the COPYING file for proper Debian packaging.
2009-05-30 Bertrand Lorentz* COPYING, src/Alarm.cs, src/VolumeFade.cs,
2008-03-29 Bertrand Lorentz* README: Update to match the current UI.
2007-10-03 dspackage stuff
2007-03-08 Patrick van Staverenmove individual projects into /trunk