last changeSat, 12 Mar 2011 21:25:35 +0000 (16:25 -0500)
2011-03-12 Marcus D. HanwellExtended the testing of atom a little. master
2011-03-12 Marcus D. HanwellRemoved the m_atoms vector, create when needed.
2011-03-10 Marcus D. HanwellInclude testing, not tools until they are ready.
2011-03-10 Marcus D. HanwellAdded a GAMESS extension to the loader.
2011-03-10 Marcus D. HanwellRemoved include that was not needed.
2011-03-10 Marcus D. HanwellAdded experimental Molecule class, testing.
2011-03-03 Marcus D. HanwellAdded an install rule for the openqube library.
2011-01-11 Marcus D. HanwellChanged namespace from openqube to OpenQube.
2011-01-11 Marcus D. HanwellDon't do bounds checking twice.
2010-12-30 Marcus D. HanwellVarious code cleanups, documentation fixes.
2010-12-29 Marcus D. HanwellInitial import of OpenQube library.
7 years ago master