last changeTue, 24 Jun 2014 12:09:47 +0000 (15:09 +0300)
2014-06-24 Tzafrir Cohenupdate_git_svn: keep master branch up-to-date master
2012-08-22 Tzafrir CohenA gitignore file for ss7
2012-08-22 Tzafrir Cohenasterisk_gitignore: Extra ignores for pjproject
2012-08-19 Tzafrir Cohenclone: a script to automate git svn clone
2012-06-06 Tzafrir Cohengit-post-review: also set branch
2012-06-06 Tzafrir Cohengit-post-review: post a review to the ReviewBoard
2012-06-06 Tzafrir CohenExtra DAHDI firmwares to ignore
2011-12-08 Tzafrir Cohenmenuselect: fix support_level and more
2011-12-08 Tzafrir Cohengit-asterisk-howto: fix git syntax.
2011-11-23 Tzafrir Cohenparse <support_level> and '<use type='
2011-08-28 Tzafrir Cohengen_authos: also include bebuild
2011-08-27 Tzafrir Cohendahdi-tools_gitignore: more generated files
2011-05-17 Tzafrir Cohens/libpri/asterisk/ in HOWTO
2011-05-17 Tzafrir Cohenformat_patch_dep3: also support origsvn
2011-05-17 Tzafrir Cohendahdi-tools: ignore some auto* files
2011-05-17 Tzafrir Cohendahdi-linux: Ignore the downloaded
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