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last changeTue, 16 Aug 2011 18:33:09 +0000 (02:33 +0800)
2011-08-16 AZ HuangMore fix on relative path problem. master
2011-08-16 AZ HuangFix ast loading problem caused by zip relative path.
2011-08-16 AZ HuangIncrese serial number when filling image.
2011-08-16 AZ HuangUpdate build.xml, minor fixes.
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuCommand Touch change default CoordType to Auto
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuFix Bug: clip correct image
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuMerge branch 'walkingice/testing'
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuBug fix: Reset if Component resized
2011-08-16 Kan-Ru ChenMerge branch 'kanru/saveload'
2011-08-16 Kan-Ru ChenAsterCommandManager: Fix file path handling
2011-08-16 Kan-Ru ChenAsterMainPanel: Add dialog of file loading and saving
2011-08-16 Kan-Ru ChenActionListModel: Add clear() and toArray() methods
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuAdd Buttons and Listener
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuBuf fix: clean listener
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuDrag and Touch operation clip image into settings
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuRefectoring method
6 years ago master