2011-08-16 AZ HuangFix Touch constructor NPE
2011-08-16 AZ HuangFix default constructor for Touch and Drag.
2011-08-16 AZ HuangConnection estiblishment is now moved to the original...
2011-08-16 AZ HuangDevice connection is now mantained by AsterCommandManager
2011-08-16 AZ HuangTouch, Drag constructros from String should also instan...
2011-08-16 Kan-Ru ChenMerge branch 'kanru/alist'
2011-08-16 Kan-Ru ChenMerge branch 'walkingice/workspace'
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuAdd Callback interface to AsterCommand and AsterOperation
2011-08-16 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Extract the layout algorithm
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuUse static method to create Op Drag and Touch
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuModify interface of command Touch and Drag
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuAsterMainPanel use CmdSelector to push Command
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuLet CmdSelector generate two Cmds by selecting
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuRemove
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuImplement Operation Touch and Drag
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuAdd a widget ClipRegion
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuChange name: ImageView -> AsterWorkspace
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuTo limit validate region
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuAdd snapshot listener
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuImageView implements MouseListener
2011-08-16 AZ HuangImplement Aster Archive(*.ast) export and import functi...
2011-08-15 Kan-Ru ChenDefaultActionListModel: Correct the stack direction
2011-08-12 AZ HuangAdd back getName() method.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangAdd landscape flag for WookieeRunner::drag(),touch()
2011-08-12 AZ HuangFix serial number.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangAdd AsterCommandManager::load(), fix bugs
2011-08-12 AZ HuangUpdate constructers for commands.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangAdd AsterCommandManager, CmdTest.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangRemove redundant cmd interface: getName, getImage,...
2011-08-12 AZ HuangCorrect cmd interface.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangImplement fill() and getSettings()
2011-08-12 AZ HuangAdd alternate interface for drag.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangMinor changes in interface.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangMerge remote-tracking branch 'googlecode/master'
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Use mCommand.getName to get command...
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenMerge branch 'kanru/alist'
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenJActionList: Improve the scrollable sensitivity
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Delay the painting of CloseButton
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenActionListModel: Add empty() method
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenUse new class CloseButton to handle the close button
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenAsterMainPanel: Let the dialog appear near by the button
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenAsterMainPanel: Always show the scroll bar
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenAsterMainPanel: Setup sample listener for NewActionList
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Auto scroll to the bottom
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenJActionList: Add NewActionListener call backs
2011-08-12 AZ HuangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenActionButton: Add close button drawing code
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenActionButton: Draw antialias string
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Remove unused ROOT_LABEL
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenNewActionButton: Move mouse settings into class definition
2011-08-10 Julian_ChuTurn on debug mode cause we are still in early development
2011-08-10 Julian_ChuAdd debug mode option to script
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenAdd missing images
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenMerge ActionList to main panel
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenAdd missing overrides and super call
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenActionButton: use setBounds instead of setLocation
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenJActionList: Use empty printChildren
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Add NewAddButton class
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Use actionList as Container.
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenLittleArrow: draw the little arrow between buttons
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenJActionList: Add JScrollPane support
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Use ActionButton to handle repaint...
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Add command wrapper ActionButton
2011-08-10 Kan-Ru ChenActionListModel: Add interfaces to get list of commands
2011-08-10 AZ HuangUpdate adb to 64-bit version.
2011-08-09 AZ HuangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-09 AZ HuangFix command execution.
2011-08-09 AZ HuangImplement execute() for AsterCommands
2011-08-09 Kan-Ru ChenBasicActionListUI: Use ninepatch to draw button
2011-08-09 Kan-Ru ChenAdd NinePatch library
2011-08-08 Kan-Ru ChenWe don't need the layout manager
2011-08-08 Kan-Ru ChenInitialize default model
2011-08-08 Kan-Ru ChenChange default target to dist
2011-08-08 Kan-Ru ChenAdd default action list model implementation.
2011-08-08 Kan-Ru ChenTidy the indentation according to the coding style.
2011-08-08 Kan-Ru ChenActionListModel: pop method doesn't need the argument.
2011-08-08 AZ HuangAdd commandCellRenderer for other commands.
2011-08-05 AZ HuangModify scriptrunner so that WokieeRunnerStarter can...
2011-08-05 AZ HuangRemove uneeded import
2011-08-05 AZ HuangImplemnet getName(), getOperations() method for commands.
2011-08-05 AZ HuangMove to operations (Just like Aster...
2011-08-05 AZ HuangFixing WookieeRunner docs
2011-08-04 Julian_ChuAdd interface defination
2011-08-04 Kan-Ru ChenAdd skeletons of JActionList
2011-08-04 Kan-Ru ChenSet default build target to `compile'
2011-08-03 AZ HuangAdd,
2011-08-03 AZ HuangAdd,
2011-08-01 AZ HuangFix wookieruuner script framework path
2011-08-01 AZ HuangUpdate code
2011-08-01 AZ HuangMerge branch 'walkingice_working' of
2011-07-30 Julian_ChuSet initial size of Panel
2011-07-30 Julian_ChuUpdate Snapshot in another thread
2011-07-30 Julian_ChuDraw snapshot in preferred size and position
2011-07-30 Julian_ChuRefectoring
2011-07-29 AZ HuangReplace Syste.out.println with Logger
2011-07-29 AZ HuangUse WookieeAPI for aster backend.
2011-07-29 AZ HuangAdd WookieeRuuner python wrapper.
2011-07-29 AZ HuangRemove tags file
2011-07-28 Julian_ChuUpdate execute script
2011-07-28 Julian_ChuUse to specify personal configuration