Fix Touch constructor NPE
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2011-08-16 AZ HuangFix Touch constructor NPE
2011-08-16 AZ HuangFix default constructor for Touch and Drag.
2011-08-16 AZ HuangTouch, Drag constructros from String should also instan...
2011-08-16 Kan-Ru ChenMerge branch 'kanru/alist'
2011-08-16 Kan-Ru ChenMerge branch 'walkingice/workspace'
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuUse static method to create Op Drag and Touch
2011-08-16 Julian_ChuModify interface of command Touch and Drag
2011-08-12 AZ HuangAdd back getName() method.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangFix serial number.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangAdd AsterCommandManager::load(), fix bugs
2011-08-12 AZ HuangUpdate constructers for commands.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangRemove redundant cmd interface: getName, getImage,...
2011-08-12 AZ HuangCorrect cmd interface.
2011-08-12 AZ HuangImplement fill() and getSettings()
2011-08-12 AZ HuangMinor changes in interface.
2011-08-12 Kan-Ru ChenMerge branch 'kanru/alist'
2011-08-09 AZ HuangMerge branch 'master' of
2011-08-09 AZ HuangImplement execute() for AsterCommands
2011-08-05 AZ HuangImplemnet getName(), getOperations() method for commands.
2011-08-04 Julian_ChuAdd interface defination
2011-08-03 AZ HuangAdd,
2011-08-03 AZ HuangAdd,