2010-12-16 Jing YuBack port upstream patch r153779 for cortex-a9. 22/19522/1 master
2010-12-13 Jing YuFix a thumb1 code generation bug. 74/19474/1
2010-11-05 Jing YuBackport upstream 4.6 patches to fix 2 gcc bugs. 88/18788/1
2010-08-10 Jing YuRemove definition of getpagesize() in order to build... 12/16412/1
2010-07-22 Jing YuBackport upstream arm-linux-androideabi target to gcc... 00/16000/1
2010-07-22 Jing Yucommit gcc-4.4.3 which is used to build gcc-4.4.3 Andro... 95/15995/1
2010-06-08 Jing YuNew gcc sources for toolchain checked in on 06/03/2010. 73/15173/1
2010-04-30 David TurnerMerge "Add GNU-stack annotation to Android code."
2010-04-29 Jing YuAdd GNU-stack annotation to Android code. 13/14513/1
2010-04-25 Jing YuFix a few divergence bugs and security problem. 16/14416/1
2010-03-11 Bruce Bearegcc 4.2.1 compiler build for IA Android target 60/13960/1
2010-01-27 Jing YuBackport upstream patch r152443.
2010-01-18 Jing YuBring gcc-4.4.0 to up-to-date.
2009-11-19 Jing YuGcc source for prebuilt toolchains in Eclair-mr2.
2009-11-05 Jing YuCheck in gcc sources for prebuilt toolchains in Eclair. eclair
2009-10-29 Jean-Baptiste QueruEmpty initial commit.