2014-01-28 Jason S. McMullannetwork/bsdsocket.library: Add SIOCDIFADDR wrapper network-lwip
2014-01-28 Jason S. McMullanlwIP/asocket.library: Add some more ioctl mappings
2014-01-27 Jason S. McMullanlwIP/asocket.library: Lots of improvements
2014-01-27 Jason S. McMullanNetwork: mmakefile fixes
2014-01-27 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: Add some more IoctlSocket() glue
2014-01-27 Jason S. McMullanasocket.library: Add tag for interface MTU
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullannetwork: Makefile fixes
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP/liblwip.a: Use libc malloc instead of a fixed...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP/asocket.library: Lots of work
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP/liblwip.a: Fix the sys_arch_* wrapper semantics...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: Add some more ioctl wrappers
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanasocket.library: ABI - Cleanups, add ASocketCompareA()
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanNetwork/C: mmakefile deps
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP/asocket.library: D(bug()) it.
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: Bug fixes
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanNetwork/miami.library: Add null implementation
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanNetwork/ifconfig: Close SocketBase is Miami is not...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanModemManager: Add missing dependency
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullannetwork: Add missing dependency
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP/asocket.library: Should be 'code complete' now.
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanasocket.library: Since ASocketSendMsg() modified the...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanWIP
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanAROSTCP: Disable building the stack (for now)
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: Add missing header for vsyslog
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullandocumentation: Add workbench/network/libs
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: Mark Inet_NtoA() as a non-taglist...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullannetwork/C: Add 'net' to uselibs
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: Don't update errno on success!
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: Add some documentation imported...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanasocket.library: Add a 'documentation only' implentation
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanNetwork/loop: 'loop' testing stack
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanasocket.library: Some header fixups
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullansyslog(): Move to the libnet.a linklibs, not a #define
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: WIP checkins
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: BSDSocketBase library based off...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanasocket.library: ASocketBase API definition
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP: Remove lwip-specific bsdsocket.library implementation
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanWIP: Network common files reorganization
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP: bsdsocket.library: Add SANA2 skeleton code
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP: Some last minute bsdsocket.library syslog fixes
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP/bsdsocket.library: Add vsyslog support
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: Lots more work, getting there....
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP: Move bsdsocket.library mmakefile to the bsdsocket...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanbsdsocket.library: Fix some type clashes
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwIP: bsdsocket.library style interface
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanliblwip.a: Additional warning removals for paranoia...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanliblwip.a - Create linklib version of lwIP
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanliblwip.a: Add private data member for use by netconn...
2014-01-26 Jason S. McMullanlwip: Add LWIP sources
2014-01-25 deadwoodgdbinit: put quotes around module name to handle paths...
2014-01-25 deadwoodiso: build dependency list based on list in modules...
2014-01-24 deadwoodgrub: extract name of bootstrap package to single place
2014-01-24 NicJArevert patching elf-specs to include gcc's paths
2014-01-24 NicJArevert enabling of java build
2014-01-23 jmcmullanrexxsupport.library: Fix an uninitialized value under -O3
2014-01-23 jmcmullanmuilibrary: Fix an uninitialized value under -O3
2014-01-23 jmcmullanmesa/gallium: Fix some un-initialized values with -O3
2014-01-23 jmcmullanmesa: Disable strict-aliasing warnings
2014-01-23 jmcmullanlibcms2: Fix some -O3 strict-aliasing issues
2014-01-23 jmcmullanZune/calendar: Fix a buffer overrun - too short in...
2014-01-23 jmcmullanbootstrap: Fix some -O3 strict-aliasing issues
2014-01-23 jmcmullanunix/unixio.hidd: Replace snprintf() with strncpy
2014-01-23 jmcmullanunix/emul-handler: Fix -O3 unitialized value
2014-01-23 jmcmullanunix/tap.device: Fix some -O3 strict-aliasing issues
2014-01-23 jmcmullanunix/eth.device: Fix some -O3 strict-aliasing issues
2014-01-23 deadwoodgrub: extract list of loaded modules to single place
2014-01-23 weissmsSwitch off another check for darwin.
2014-01-23 neilMarked MUIA_Listview_(Input|ScrollerPos|SelectChange...
2014-01-23 neil - Implemented MUIA_Listview_SelectChange (it was previ...
2014-01-22 NicJAbuild the requested version of gcc
2014-01-22 NicJAPatch configure so that we dont need a seperate spec...
2014-01-21 verhaegsata_pci.hidd: Fix build when SUPPORT_LEGACY is not...
2014-01-21 jmcmullanexec.library: Fix documentation issue
2014-01-21 neilDon't use Listview attributes on List objects.
2014-01-21 NicJArevert use of copy_includes macro - since it copies...
2014-01-20 verhaegsgetopt.c: Removed <sys/cdefs.h> include
2014-01-20 verhaegsarch/x86_64-all/stdc/fenv.c: Don't use BSD specific...
2014-01-20 NicJAsimplify the net-includes copying by using the existing...
2014-01-20 NicJAfix include target(s)
2014-01-20 neilUpdated the name of the directory where architecture...
2014-01-20 neil - Returning to user mode was skipped by returning...
2014-01-19 verhaegsAnother remaining making booting from CD fail.
2014-01-18 deadwoodexec.library: fix condition for releasing mem header...
2014-01-18 deadwoodmesa.library: fix debug output
2014-01-18 mazzeFix for a complaint from CSS validator.
2014-01-18 mazzeLink fixes:
2014-01-18 neilAdded ATA=off boot option, to disable all buses/drives.
2014-01-18 neilRemoved duplicate check for presence of slave device.
2014-01-18 neilFor Identify commands, use polling instead of waiting...
2014-01-17 sonicRemoving a need to link kickstart modules with undefine...
2014-01-17 sonicFixed some more Arch occurrences
2014-01-17 sonicCompleted directory renaming. I hope i did not forget...
2014-01-17 sonicRenamed "Arch" to "boot".
2014-01-17 sonicRescued old proposed timer HIDD include. timer.device...
2014-01-16 sonic- Removed obsolete WinCE code. A decent CE-hosted port... master
2014-01-16 mazzeReverted. Feed was for AE-News but not for AE-Forum.
2014-01-16 sonicexec and kernel are arch-specific
2014-01-16 mazzeindiansummer -> arixfoundation.
2014-01-16 mazzeGenesi logo updated.
2014-01-16 jmcmullanconfig/make.tmpl: Separate library ABI and Library...