2015-03-14 schulzmove to raspberrypi repository on github as it appears... ABI_V1
2015-03-14 schulzadded function converting long long (64-bit) signed...
2015-03-13 neil - Made MUIA_Colorfield_Pen settable (an undocumented...
2015-03-11 neilTabs to spaces.
2015-03-11 neilA buffer variable wasn't dereferenced in two similar...
2015-03-11 neilThe library buffer variable 'l' wasn't dereferenced...
2015-03-11 mazzeBackup of a plugin which is used on
2015-03-11 neilIncorrect masks and shifts were used when extracting...
2015-03-11 NicJAsilence debug
2015-03-10 NicJAsmall amendment
2015-03-10 NicJArename the mesa "gl.library" to mesa3dgl.library. Imple...
2015-03-10 mazzeChanged defunct link from indiansummer to arixfoundation.
2015-03-10 NicJAoops - re-enable build of GLU.library
2015-03-09 NicJAadd missing static
2015-03-09 NicJAtune better for the raspi cpu
2015-03-09 NicJAremove unused var
2015-03-09 NicJAfix patch spec (unused atm)
2015-03-09 NicJAfix create-patch macro - take #2
2015-03-09 NicJAupdate copyrights and bump library version
2015-03-09 NicJAfix create-patch macro (unused atm)
2015-03-09 NicJAgive the vars more meaningful names
2015-03-09 NicJAoops - mmakefile changes had been reverted, so reinstat...
2015-03-09 NicJAfix filenames
2015-03-09 NicJAdelete empty dir
2015-03-09 NicJAmove build of glu library to workbench/libs/glu. remove...
2015-03-09 NicJAallow using an absolute %(dir) path
2015-03-08 neilGet icon from "ENVARC:" (default icons are no longer...
2015-03-08 neilFixed year.
2015-03-08 neilAdded a tab for the boot entry's module list. Modules...
2015-03-07 polluksTrying backport
2015-03-07 deadwoodkernel.resource: fix to AllocAbs - correct condition...
2015-03-04 NicJAuse log2 from stdc
2015-03-04 NicJAadd missing defines
2015-03-04 NicJAadd log2() & log2f()
2015-03-03 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2015-03-02 NicJAsmall update to usb2otg code
2015-03-02 NicJAuse the standard AROS cause
2015-03-02 schulzOn darwin host use gsed if user hasn't specified anythi...
2015-03-02 neilUpdated the main repository's path and added a mirror...
2015-03-02 neil(g)sed was missing from build dependencies.
2015-02-28 mazzeSynchronized with documentations/db/credits.
2015-02-27 deadwoodtest/exec: adjust test scenario to situation not handle...
2015-02-27 deadwoodkernel.resource: fixes to AllocAbs implementation:
2015-02-27 deadwoodkernel.resource: for AllocAbs, iterate over all higher...
2015-02-27 deadwoodtest/exec: move code for testing AllocAbs to separate...
2015-02-27 deadwoodtest/exec: Partially revert 49874. AllocAbs start+size...
2015-02-27 mazzeEnabled some keys which need the alt qualifier (bracket...
2015-02-27 NicJAfix to build with pedantic flags
2015-02-27 NicJAfix to build with pedantic flags
2015-02-27 NicJAuse TARGET_SYSROOT
2015-02-26 NicJAfix build for raspi
2015-02-26 NicJAfix build for raspi
2015-02-26 NicJAadd a missing sysyroot
2015-02-26 NicJAfix gcc 4.8.3 build with isl 0.14 (ignore version checks).
2015-02-26 NicJAcorrection to target
2015-02-26 NicJAuse build_prog to compile Moria3D
2015-02-26 NicJAuse TARGET_SYSROOT
2015-02-26 NicJAuse TARGET_SYSROOT
2015-02-26 NicJAuse kernel_sysroot for all external native toolchains
2015-02-26 NicJAset aros_kernel_sysroot as necessary
2015-02-26 NicJAexport aros_kernel_sysroot
2015-02-26 NicJAseparate target and kernel sysroot flags
2015-02-25 neilInclude output of runtime tests in build log, and delet...
2015-02-25 NicJArevert changes, and use the kernel compiler
2015-02-25 NicJAupdate patch for ltris 1.0.19. force gnu89 std so that...
2015-02-24 NicJAUpdated to OpenAL soft 1.16.0.
2015-02-24 schulzdon't enforce gsed on darwin host. Let user specify...
2015-02-24 polluksTrying backport
2015-02-24 neilFixed the AutoDoc's second example.
2015-02-23 neilColorwheel fixed-point maths changes:
2015-02-23 NicJAcleanup patch - remove .orig files
2015-02-23 NicJAupdate gcc 5 patch for 20150222 snapshot
2015-02-23 NicJAuse newest mpc version
2015-02-23 NicJAfix ppc build & cleanup mmakefile.src.
2015-02-23 NicJAsimplify mmakefile.src using new build_with_cmake macro...
2015-02-23 NicJAsimplify mmakefile.src using new build_with_cmake macro...
2015-02-23 NicJAdelete old patch sets
2015-02-23 NicJAcleanup gcc include dirs
2015-02-23 NicJAadd install step
2015-02-23 neilComment fixes: typos and spacing.
2015-02-22 NicJAupdate to latest versions of gmp and mpc
2015-02-22 NicJAuse $(GENDIR) if %(gendir) isn't specified.
2015-02-22 NicJAremove extra space
2015-02-22 NicJAcorrect comment
2015-02-22 NicJAcleanup gcc include dirs
2015-02-22 NicJAadd the AROS cmake platform file
2015-02-22 NicJAtouch CMakeLists.txt.
2015-02-22 NicJAwip build_with_cmake macro
2015-02-22 NicJAadd more of the default toolchain info for cmake
2015-02-22 neilAdded tests/exec/allocmem automatic test.
2015-02-22 neilIndicate success/failure through the return code.
2015-02-22 NicJAbuild the integer set library so that gcc can use it...
2015-02-22 NicJAadd cmake helper (use with cmake ... -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_...
2015-02-22 NicJAspecify the correct native system header dir for AROS...
2015-02-22 NicJAspecify the correct native system header dir for AROS...
2015-02-22 polluksTrying backport
2015-02-22 neilUpdated compilation instructions:
2015-02-21 mazzeStunt with mime-type. Will be tested with the Wiki.
2015-02-19 polluksBackport and version tag
2015-02-19 polluksMissing description