2013-10-24 neilDefined superset() macro for easy setting of an attribu...
2013-10-24 neilImprovements to AutoDocs.
2013-10-23 neilPut VOID mode-file in "Storage", but in...
2013-10-22 neilReverted r48299. With a fresh build, it wasn't needed.
2013-10-22 mazzeMy previous commit caused that parent directory wasn...
2013-10-22 mazzeDon't execute the default tool of a tool icon.
2013-10-21 mazzeUpdated to V8.85.
2013-10-20 mazzePushover added.
2013-10-20 mazzelibstdc++ needs ioctl(). I think that function got
2013-10-17 deadwoodC:Partition - give extended explanation of possible...
2013-10-17 mazzeReplaced static variable by a library base member to
2013-10-17 neilStop MUIM_List_Jump from jumping to one entry past...
2013-10-16 neilOnly use -nostdc for target linker/compiler.
2013-10-16 deadwoodC:Partition: make WIPE option more deadly
2013-10-16 neilAdded stdcio to libs.
2013-10-16 neilRemoved unused variable.
2013-10-16 neilRemoved some unnecessary null-pointer checks.
2013-10-16 neilFixed typos in comments.
2013-10-16 neilHandle failure of StrDup().
2013-10-15 mazzeDon't copy the makefiles.
2013-10-15 mazzeFixed ignoring of files.
2013-10-15 mazzeRenamed element 'fh' to 'handle' to make it more obvious
2013-10-15 mazzeRemoved *.otag and *.font for the DejaVu fonts because:
2013-10-15 mazzeRemoved CLI tooltype.
2013-10-14 mazzeBlobwars added.
2013-10-14 mazzeAdded some prerequisites.
2013-10-14 mazzeImplemented %copy_dir_recursive with a Python script
2013-10-13 deadwoodgraphics.library: restore passing RelLeftEdge and RelTo...
2013-10-13 jmcmullanstdc.library: Add missing strtok_r.c
2013-10-12 mazzestrtok_r added.
2013-10-12 mazzeRemoved some generated files from patch.
2013-10-12 mazzeLMarbles added.
2013-10-12 mazzeWe must use Examine because fh is a lock (see opendir.c).
2013-10-12 mazzeLTris added.
2013-10-11 deadwoodpicture.datatype: guarantee that the bitmap for alpha...
2013-10-11 NicJAdont try to convert the pixfmt while calculating the...
2013-10-11 NicJAuse the correct offset into the source image to determi...
2013-10-11 mazzeAdded a hint about SetDrMd().
2013-10-10 mazzeFixed build problems (no more installing in /PROGDIR).
2013-10-09 deadwoodgraphics.hidd: correct type definitions for attributes...
2013-10-09 neilRemoved some unnecessary checks for null pointers.
2013-10-09 NicJAuse consistant co-ords when calculating the offsets
2013-10-09 NicJAfallback to default hidd-bitmap-based backfill function...
2013-10-09 NicJAfix off-by-one calculation
2013-10-09 NicJAcorrect offsets for fall-back rendering
2013-10-09 NicJAonly update affected area of bitmap
2013-10-09 NicJAimplement updating of RectList entries. bump version...
2013-10-08 NicJAremove unused var
2013-10-08 NicJAchange how the alpha intermediate bitmap is destroyed...
2013-10-08 NicJAfix pixel fmt conversion
2013-10-08 mazzeDon't patch config.log.
2013-10-08 mazzeWIP Scummvm. It compiles but doesn't link.
2013-10-08 mazzeEnabled default build of Abuse.
2013-10-08 NicJAfix a c&p error.
2013-10-08 NicJAfix a c&p error.
2013-10-08 deadwoodcybergraphics.library: simplify code by returning the...
2013-10-08 deadwoodcontrib/Games/Quake: disabled build for ARM, there...
2013-10-08 deadwoodGrafX2: add dependency on lua
2013-10-08 NicJAfallback to WriteRGBPixel if it is not a hidd bitmap
2013-10-08 NicJAremove comment
2013-10-08 NicJAflesh out process pixel array a little
2013-10-08 NicJAflesh out process pixel array a little
2013-10-08 NicJAminor changes. bump version to reflect recent changes
2013-10-08 NicJAbump copyright date on affected files and version
2013-10-08 NicJAreplace the shaded line operation with a version that...
2013-10-08 NicJAUpdate bitmap after unlocking (unless RectList is speci...
2013-10-08 NicJAdisable direct rendering until it is fixed to respect...
2013-10-08 NicJAuse direct rendering if we can lock the rastports bitmap
2013-10-08 jmcmullanWanderer: Compiler delint
2013-10-08 jmcmullanPrefs/Reqtools: Compiler delint
2013-10-08 NicJAcorrection to autodoc
2013-10-08 jmcmullancompositor: Compiler delint
2013-10-08 jmcmullanlibarossupport.a: Exact match for FreeMem() prototype
2013-10-08 NicJAsmall refactor to region handling
2013-10-07 NicJAchange behaviour so that external code will receive...
2013-10-07 NicJApass in the display id to the compositor
2013-10-07 NicJAadd compositor attribute for the display it is on.
2013-10-07 NicJAtypo
2013-10-07 mazzeAttempting to build Quake and Doom for ARM. Let's see...
2013-10-07 deadwoodWanderer: remove code duplication and own strchr logic
2013-10-07 deadwoodWanderer: fix bugs preventing Put Away from working
2013-10-07 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-10-07 NicJAstore the struct BitMap associated with a hidd bitmap...
2013-10-07 NicJAsdl includes depend on iconv includes
2013-10-07 NicJAadd a target for the iconv includes (currently still...
2013-10-07 NicJAquieten debug
2013-10-07 NicJAremove unneeded debug
2013-10-07 NicJAquery a screens pre-alphacomposit processing hook and...
2013-10-07 NicJAstore the pre-alphacomposit hook and allow it to be...
2013-10-07 neilImprovements to AutoDocs, typo fixes etc.
2013-10-07 NicJAsmall comment fix
2013-10-07 NicJAfix comment on SA_CompositingFlags. Add SA_AlphaPreComp...
2013-10-07 NicJAdelint
2013-10-06 NicJAenable pass through mode if the frontmost screen is...
2013-10-06 mazzeEnabled building of penguincommand. Disabling was likel...
2013-10-06 mazzeWIP KoboDeluxe
2013-10-06 NicJAfix drawrect handling (oops)
2013-10-05 NicJAtypo
2013-10-05 NicJAenable COMPF_ALPHA, and reuse in the code instead of...
2013-10-05 mazzeGame "Abuse" added.