2003-03-07 chodorowskiThe original image from Eric (very high resolution).
2003-03-07 chodorowskiMake sure all generated files are world-readable...
2003-03-07 chodorowskiRemoved color coding of links.
2003-03-07 chodorowskiCommented out links to empty and non-existant pages.
2003-03-07 chodorowskiThe IRC channel is on FreeNode, not EFnet.
2003-03-07 chodorowskiCommented out section about webbased forums, since...
2003-03-07 chodorowskiImages of Kitty, our mascot. Noticed that we've forgot...
2003-03-07 chodorowskiFinished one item (synchronizing against old docs dir).
2003-03-07 chodorowskiSynchronized against versions in old docs directory.
2003-03-07 chodorowskiSynchronized against versions in old docs/.
2003-03-07 chodorowskiAdded abbreviation for rexxsupport.library.
2003-03-07 jogr0326Stop screaming wildly in the debug just because an...
2003-03-07 jogr0326Removing more debug. Killing spree on these things
2003-03-07 jogr0326Removed utterly useless debug output in here.
2003-03-07 jogr0326Added startup message from the VGA hidd
2003-03-07 jogr0326Cleaned up even more debug output
2003-03-07 jogr0326Removed cluttery debug output.
2003-03-07 jogr0326Removed more debug output
2003-03-07 jogr0326Removed debug output from input.device. Will still...
2003-03-07 jogr0326Toned down the debug output a lot. It now writes debug...
2003-03-07 chodorowskiWrite where the archives can be downloaded from in...
2003-03-07 chodorowskiDon't use the -I option of 'ls' since it's not availabl...
2003-03-07 chodorowskiAdded newlines at end of file.
2003-03-06 chodorowskiFixed typos.
2003-03-06 verhaegsBe sure to build contrib-freetype-module before contrib...
2003-03-06 stegergaccess IDNestCnt in ExecBase/Task structure using BYTE
2003-03-06 stegergPrintDigits() did not print anything in no-fill
2003-03-05 stegergdisabled compilation of ftmanager to possibly avoid
2003-03-05 stegergreplaced some acceleration-routines with memblit method...
2003-03-05 stegergaccelerate putimage/getimage also when image data
2003-03-05 stegergsome new memblit methods
2003-03-05 stegergBootLoaderBase->Flags was forgotten to
2003-03-05 stegergmust not call "Supervisor(Exec_Switch)" but
2003-03-05 chodorowskiFixed mail generation problems:
2003-03-05 chodorowskiFixed some formatting to comply with the coding convent...
2003-03-05 chodorowskiRemoved HIDD demo. Saves a couple (4-5) kB. :-)
2003-03-05 chodorowskiRemoved HIDD demo since it's long obsolete.
2003-03-05 chodorowskiUpdated copyright notices.
2003-03-05 chodorowski&& is not a bitwise operator!
2003-03-05 chodorowskiRenamed bl_UtilBase to bl_UtilityBase for consistency.
2003-03-05 bergersAdded gcc_target_cpu in various places.
2003-03-05 bergersChnage aros_target_cpu to gcc_target_cpu.
2003-03-05 bergersBack to __mc68000__.
2003-03-05 bergersAdded two function prototypes.
2003-03-05 bergersCPU specific constants and macros.
2003-03-05 bergersAdded some defines for other registers.
2003-03-04 verhaegsfreetype2 is now build from contrib-complete
2003-03-04 verhaegsftrast2.c doesn't exist anymore
2003-03-04 stegergupdated help text for setvbe to indicate that instead
2003-03-04 stegergOR 0x4000 to vbe mode in setvbe_func(), to switch on
2003-03-03 verhaegsEngine is called freetype2 not ft2.
2003-03-03 verhaegsAdded include path for "etask.h"
2003-03-03 verhaegsShow debug output when GlyphMap or GlyphMap8Bit generat...
2003-03-03 verhaegsLeave a gap of 5 functions after the bullet.library...
2003-03-03 verhaegsShow debug output when allocation of GlyphMaps fails.
2003-03-03 verhaegsAROSC_USERDATA now also gets defined when _CLIB_USERDAT...
2003-03-03 falemagn'&&' is NOT a bitwose operator, '&' is!!
2003-03-03 falemagnRemoved the unneeded '##' from a macro definition
2003-03-03 stegergsetvbe() prints out some more info and allows
2003-03-02 dlcreplaced an int with a LONG for %d/%ld cleanup, removed...
2003-03-02 dlcreplaced sprintf with snprintf
2003-03-02 dlcremoved conditional sprintf
2003-03-02 dlchooks cleanup with HookEntry; sprintf replaced with...
2003-03-02 dlcremoved warnings by replacing %x with %lx and %d with...
2003-03-02 verhaegsLeave 5 functions open after the bullet.library functio...
2003-03-02 verhaegsIn the functionlist now a gap in the library base can...
2003-03-02 verhaegstarget contrib-regina-includes is no more. Remove from...
2003-03-02 bergersChanged all __mc68000__ to __m68k__.
2003-03-02 stegergchange fixed AROS_DEFAULT_WBWIDTH/AROS_DEFAULT_WBHEIGHT/
2003-03-02 sebauerMake Amiga SAS version again compilable.
2003-03-01 stegergdisabled pattern was not "standard" one. Was {0x5555...
2003-03-01 stegergimplemented some new methods, one of which (putimagelut)
2003-03-01 stegergsome new memblit methods. cleaned up include/graphics.h
2003-02-28 bloodlineSet default Graphics mode to 640*480*16.
2003-02-28 bloodlineIt seems that the VMware graphics hidd thinks the black...
2003-02-28 stegergDid not scan/add any DataTypes from DEVS:Datatypes
2003-02-28 stegergMake DOSBase->dl_SYSLock a DupLock(Lock(bootName)).
2003-02-27 digullaAdded Tor Petterson
2003-02-27 stegergaccelerate hidd_gfx_copybox using memblit copybox method
2003-02-27 stegerguse HIDD_BM_CopyMemBox8() to accelerate
2003-02-27 stegergadded new copymembox methods
2003-02-27 stegergaccelerate (ie. implement) fillrect bitmap method
2003-02-27 stegerguse bitmap memblit methods to accelerate fillrect,
2003-02-27 stegergadded some new bitmap methods for ~"memory blitting":
2003-02-27 stegergkilled unneeded mode_number variable/checks in setvbe_f...
2003-02-27 chodorowskiFixed deleting of old builds (hopefully).
2003-02-26 stegergfixed some typos in debug output
2003-02-26 stegerg"AROS VBE 1024x768 16" used "setvbe 1024 1024 16"
2003-02-26 iaintOk, update all the includes-generate targets to make...
2003-02-24 dlcadded dummy Mccprefs class; dont know much about it...
2003-02-24 stegergsome new fields used by mouse-drag-scrolling.
2003-02-24 stegergimplement own input handling to override crappy mouse...
2003-02-24 chodorowskiDon't create $ARCHIVE_ROOT as this seems to overwrite...
2003-02-24 stegergzune_penspec_setup() for PST_MUI safety-checked p_pen...
2003-02-24 dlccleanup
2003-02-24 dlcdraw a pattern on disabled objects
2003-02-24 dlccall MUI_Redraw when disabled state change
2003-02-24 dlcreturn TRUE when OM_GET on MUIA_Disabled
2003-02-23 dlccheck before including mui.h
2003-02-23 dlcreimplemented using penspec.c