2003-04-17 chodorowskiOptimized with PNGcrush.
2003-04-17 chodorowskiOptimized with PNGcrush.
2003-04-17 chodorowskiOptimized a little with PNGcrush.
2003-04-17 chodorowskiOptimized a little with PNGcrush.
2003-04-17 lcsAvoid divide-by-zero.
2003-04-16 chodorowskiIgnore autogenerated files.
2003-04-16 chodorowskiAdded license information.
2003-04-16 chodorowskiBSD license with advertizing clause.
2003-04-16 chodorowskiPreparation for move to main tree. This is basically...
2003-04-16 chodorowskibzip2 is under a liberal BSD-like license, with some...
2003-04-16 chodorowskiMoved.
2003-04-16 chodorowskiForgotten. :-)
2003-04-16 chodorowskiGRUB is no longer in contrib.
2003-04-16 chodorowskiFixed mailman links.
2003-04-16 digullaUpdated email of Martin Blom
2003-04-16 digullaMoved to contrib/development/compilers/lcc/lib
2003-04-16 digullaMoved to AROS/workbench/prefs/Editor
2003-04-16 digullaMoved to AROS/workbench/c/Edit
2003-04-16 digullaMoved to AROS/workbench/classes/datatypes/jpeg and...
2003-04-16 digullaMoved to AROS/config/i386-native/boot/grub
2003-04-15 digullaAdded Martin Blom
2003-04-14 stegergMUIM_DrawBackground's offsetx/y in IconList_Draw/UPDATE...
2003-04-14 falemagnHum... this shouldn't have changed
2003-04-14 sebauerFixed segfault in MUIM_MultiSet. Added a comment about...
2003-04-14 chodorowskiUpdate.
2003-04-14 chodorowskiAdded acknowledgement for libjpg.
2003-04-14 falemagnUpdated
2003-04-14 falemagnOops, removed some trash and a bug
2003-04-14 chodorowskiAutogenerated.
2003-04-14 falemagnemit "(null)" in case the argument for the %s format...
2003-04-14 falemagnadded LITTLE_ENDIAN, BIG_ENDIAN and BYTE_ORDER
2003-04-14 falemagnadded the prototype for OpenCatalog()
2003-04-14 falemagndefined MININT and MAXINT
2003-04-14 falemagnchar * -> CONST STRPTR
2003-04-14 falemagnchar * -> STRPTR
2003-04-14 falemagnGFXF_HR_DENIS -> GFXF_HR_DENISE
2003-04-13 stegergwhen clicking icons, redraw only icons whose
2003-04-13 stegergoptimized rendering speed a bit, by making it not draw
2003-04-13 chodorowskiDisabled the mirror selector (we don't have any up...
2003-04-13 chodorowskiRemoved the Australian mirror (it doesn't work anymore...
2003-04-12 chodorowskiChanged formatting a bit.
2003-04-12 chodorowskiPNG datatype.
2003-04-12 stegergPNG datatype
2003-04-12 stegergPNG datatype descripton file
2003-04-12 digullaAdded Frank Hornscheidt
2003-04-12 falemagnuse -g rather than -g3 for debugging: we really don...
2003-04-12 falemagnhandle a race condition properly. Oughta submit this...
2003-04-12 chodorowskiFixed mailing list links.
2003-04-12 chodorowskiUpdate.
2003-04-12 falemagnremoved some debugging stuff
2003-04-12 falemagnAutogenerated file, which shouldn't be generated here.
2003-04-12 iaintIgnore configure.lineno which is a generated file.
2003-04-12 falemagnIgnore some files...
2003-04-12 iaintUse "." rather than "source" to source the files. A...
2003-04-12 falemagnArgh! One '@' too much...
2003-04-12 falemagnsome more fixes
2003-04-12 falemagnforgot that makefiles need a double '$' to pass variabl...
2003-04-12 falemagnInitial revision
2003-04-12 bergersForgot those ones.
2003-04-12 falemagnAdded a template script used by configure scripts which...
2003-04-11 falemagnadded -lamiga -larossupport to the list of libraries...
2003-04-11 bergersPretty empty.
2003-04-11 bergersSome ARM specific includes.
2003-04-11 bergersSome Strong ARM specific includes.
2003-04-11 bergersstack layout of ARM registers.
2003-04-11 bergersAn exec for ARM (a 'pattern' for PPC?).
2003-04-11 olivieradamAddes Clock french translation, modified mmakefile.src
2003-04-11 olivieradamAdded Multiview french translation, modified mmakefile...
2003-04-11 olivieradamAdded Commodities french translation, modified mmakefil...
2003-04-11 olivieradamAdded More french translation and modified mmakefile...
2003-04-10 dlcoops it shouldnt have been commited there
2003-04-10 dlcoops commited them in the wrong dir yesterday
2003-04-10 stegergThe std pixfmt arrays in stdpixfmts_??.h
2003-04-10 stegergenabled experimental features, as some of
2003-04-10 chodorowskiDon't run ScreenPattern.
2003-04-10 chodorowskiDon't run ScreenPattern since Wanderer opens up in...
2003-04-10 chodorowskiMinor cleanup.
2003-04-10 dlcadded def_Tool icon
2003-04-10 stegergte_Extent.MaxX was 1 pixel too big for proportional...
2003-04-10 stegergundid Davids change, as it was indeed a TextExtent...
2003-04-10 dlcadded a def_Project icon. make reezicons to install
2003-04-10 dlcuse MUIV_Font_Tiny for icons, and set font in MUIM_Show
2003-04-10 stegergin boot_func() in one place get_vbe_mode_info() is
2003-04-10 dlcdraw bg at view_x/view_y offset so that it scrolls...
2003-04-10 dlcset wheel Hue too, for proper update
2003-04-10 dlcfixed background draw for REDUCE_FLICKER_TEST: only...
2003-04-10 dlcgives MUII_GroupBack to execute command window; gives...
2003-04-10 bergersAlso copies the images now.
2003-04-10 dlcchange window title depending if global prefs or specif...
2003-04-09 dlcmake it MUIA_FillArea,TRUE (like efault) so it works...
2003-04-09 dlcuse nfset instead of set for MUIA_Popasl_Active
2003-04-09 dlc(in String class, really, grrr) handle escape char
2003-04-09 dlcgives default minmax values when image cant be loaded
2003-04-09 dlccorrected off by one error in driver_Text : the JAM2...
2003-04-09 chodorowskiDaily digest.
2003-04-09 dlcadded a bitmap preview
2003-04-09 dlctrigger MUIA_Popasl_Active when closing requester
2003-04-09 dlcbe lazy and calculate penspec only when needed, in...
2003-04-09 dlcremoved MUIM_Show, set WHEEL_Saturation to force a...
2003-04-09 stegergLevelDisplayFunc, a hook function, used only A2 and A1