2013-09-26 NicJAupdate copyrights
2013-09-26 NicJAcleanup composer/compositing/composition -> compositor
2013-09-26 NicJAcleanup composer/compositing/composition -> compositor
2013-09-26 NicJAcleanup compositing/composition -> compositor
2013-09-26 NicJAadd version info
2013-09-26 NicJAset the screens used composition flags based upon the...
2013-09-26 NicJADoh! fix Get/Set attribute usage. Fixes screen dragging...
2013-09-26 weissmsAttempt to fix the nightly floppy build.
2013-09-26 NicJAallow screens to request compositing features
2013-09-26 NicJAreally handle the compositor config
2013-09-26 NicJAmake sure the dos obj is freed
2013-09-26 NicJAread runtime config from env
2013-09-26 NicJAdefault compositor prefs/config
2013-09-26 NicJAuse amigaos like behaviour by default
2013-09-26 NicJAadd compositing options to appearance prefs
2013-09-26 NicJAremove debug line
2013-09-26 NicJAdont clamp screen dimensions to rastport - open what...
2013-09-26 NicJAReworked software screen compositing. Uses graphics...
2013-09-25 mazzeUpdated to v 2.4.2035.
2013-09-25 neilRemoved unnecessary checks for null pointers.
2013-09-25 neilCheck that internal AddFreeList() calls succeed. This...
2013-09-24 mazzeFetch from
2013-09-24 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-09-24 neilImprovements to AutoDocs and comments.
2013-09-24 neilAllocate disk object with AllocMem() and keep track...
2013-09-23 neilRemoved an unused file.
2013-09-23 neil - Removed unused functions and fields.
2013-09-23 neilRemoved "Sticky jingles"! How is this not a syntax...
2013-09-22 deadwoodports/annotate: disable arm build due to failing varargs
2013-09-22 mazzeRe-enabled build for i386 (was accidentally removed
2013-09-21 mazzeAdded editor "Annotate".
2013-09-21 deadwoodports/magnetic: disable build for arm as it fails on...
2013-09-20 deadwoodgcc: force failure of test for writev
2013-09-19 mazzeFix for a crash because of too long font file names.
2013-09-19 mazzeDetabbed.
2013-09-19 neilUpdated status of Scrollgroup.mui.
2013-09-19 neilImplemented OM_GET method. Supports
2013-09-18 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-09-17 weissmsmake.tmpl build_module: made linklibname modname compar...
2013-09-16 neilAutoDocs improvement: specify that AllocPooled() must...
2013-09-16 neilAllocVecPooled() and FreeVecPooled():
2013-09-16 neil - Optimised redrawing.
2013-09-15 verhaegsSDL.library: Use posixc.library and not stdcio.library
2013-09-15 verhaegsstdc/stdcio_startup.c: Debug output
2013-09-15 NicJAuse FindTask(NULL) in userspace code.
2013-09-14 mazzeDrawer icons must be created in parent directory.
2013-09-14 neilSet MUIA_Pressed according to knob state (observed...
2013-09-12 NicJACorrect Icons for change in theme path
2013-09-12 NicJAuse global theme path
2013-09-12 NicJAfix theme path
2013-09-12 NicJAfix global theme path
2013-09-12 NicJAset the correct catalog version to use (localisation...
2013-09-12 NicJAmake the window layout a little tidier.
2013-09-12 NicJARe-implement ReqTools Prefs using Zune & AROS prefs...
2013-09-11 NicJAforgotten file
2013-09-11 NicJAwip commit for native language support
2013-09-11 verhaegsFor x86_64-pc provide a 32bit version of stdc.static...
2013-09-11 verhaegsMade hid.class independent of stdc.library.
2013-09-11 NicJAcorrect catalog file name
2013-09-11 NicJASerial -> IControl
2013-09-11 NicJAmatch string usage in other locations
2013-09-11 NicJAsmall correction..
2013-09-11 NicJAadd option for classic magicmenu "mixed" menu style...
2013-09-11 NicJAupdate to reflect change in theme name.
2013-09-11 NicJArename contryprefs to regionprefs on AROS - define...
2013-09-11 NicJAadd placeholder for classic magicmenu pull-down-on...
2013-09-11 NicJAuse the mkdirs_q macro
2013-09-11 mazzeUpdated to v1.11
2013-09-10 mazzeUpdated to v 16.0.5.
2013-09-10 mazzeLinker needs libstdc++.
2013-09-10 mazzeAttempt to build mathx with build_prog macro.
2013-09-10 mazzeDisabled because it's too unstable.
2013-09-10 mazzeHint about -nix option added.
2013-09-10 mazzeCreate drawer icon in parent directory.
2013-09-10 neilUpdated comment to match "code" changes.
2013-09-09 mazzeHint about crash added.
2013-09-09 verhaegsahi.device: Only ask for version 0 of stdc.library
2013-09-09 NicJAuse ASSERT() not assert()
2013-09-09 mazzeUpdated.
2013-09-08 mazzeForgot to remove some debug code.
2013-09-08 mazzeUpdated to v 3.0
2013-09-08 mazzeDrawer icon must be created in parent directory.
2013-09-08 mazzeDrawer icon must be created in the parent directory.
2013-09-08 verhaegsarosc_emul.c/emul_arosc.c: Remove most of the functions...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Remove arosc.library/libarosc.static.a; compil...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Clean up remaining functions in arosc.library
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Move legacy POSIX/BSD functions to libposixc.a
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Moved several POSIX functions with minor chang...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Split strerror.c and moved to stdc.library...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Moved most of remaining C99 I/O related functions
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Move assert() support function to shared libra...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Moved all functions that uses Amiga<>Posix...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Big patch with move for I/O related functions
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] compiler/clib/__vfork.[ch]: Clean up data...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] compiler/clib/__vfork.c: Wait in child for...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Move wait()/waitpid() to posixc.library.
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Light-weight implementation of C99 stdio.h...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Moved environ handling code
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Moved signal handling code.