Allocate disk object with AllocMem() and keep track of it in its own
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2003-06-10 digullaUpdate
2003-03-12 falemagnRemoved an unused function
2003-03-12 falemagnremoved a debug print statement
2003-03-12 falemagnHum... the redirection thingy didn't seem to work as...
2003-03-12 falemagnoops, cut'n'paste error...
2003-03-12 falemagnoops, cut'n'paste error...
2003-03-12 falemagnMade some adjustments so that the old site redirects...
2003-03-11 falemagnDon't use snapshots2.html, just use snapshots.html...
2003-02-23 digullaUpdate
2002-12-02 holmenAdded a short news item about Kitty.
2002-11-29 dlcadded my photo
2002-11-22 digullaRedirect users from the snapshots page to
2002-11-08 falemagnfix formatting for snapshots names, waiting for a defin...
2002-10-30 holmenAdded a news item about our IRC change from EFnet to...
2002-10-24 falemagnremoved the genTest() function
2002-10-23 falemagnmoved the test in a page of its own (test.shtml) and...
2002-10-22 falemagnforgot to add '!' in the SSI directive :/
2002-10-22 falemagnAdded a small test to see whether the server supports...
2002-10-21 falemagnThe news of the day: the AROS snapshots are back
2002-10-20 falemagnuse a cgi script to download the snapshots: this way...
2002-10-20 falemagnDon't link to the logs for the sources: they don't...
2002-10-20 falemagnUpdated genSnapshots: changed the name of the 'Location...
2002-10-20 falemagnwe have the nightly builds and snapshots back! This...
2002-10-12 digullaAdded link to a new article and interview in Finnish
2002-10-12 digullaPoint all official download links to Sourceforge
2002-10-12 digullaUpdate
2002-09-14 holmenSome small changes...
2002-09-14 holmenAnother news update...
2002-09-04 sheutlinfixed my name
2002-09-03 holmenA short news update.
2002-08-30 holmenAnother news update. Hope I didn't forget too much. :)
2002-08-04 holmenOne more typo
2002-08-04 holmenFixed a typo (thanks to Fabio ;))
2002-08-04 holmenAdded a summarized news item for the past couple of...
2002-07-08 digullaUpdate
2002-06-26 digullaUpdate
2002-06-24 falemagncorrected typo
2002-06-24 hkielSpellfixes
2002-06-24 digullaUpdates
2002-06-22 digullaNew picture
2002-05-20 digullaDeleted strange character
2002-05-20 chodorowskiTry to remove the border around the logo, and also...
2002-05-20 hkielSet border width to 0.
2002-05-18 hkielSpellfix
2002-05-18 digullaUpdate
2002-05-18 digullaAdded Ola Jensen (4play)
2002-05-15 digullaPython2's append() doesn't like implied lists
2002-05-14 chodorowskiAdded pictures of Adam Chodorowski.
2002-05-13 digullaUpdate
2002-05-01 digullaUpdates
2002-04-22 falemagnDon't use MUI, use Zune!
2002-04-18 digullaUpdate
2002-04-18 digulla20020321
2002-04-18 digullaPoint to SourceForge instead of
2002-04-18 digullaUpdate
2002-03-21 digullaUpdated, Typos
2002-03-17 falemagnMade the link point directly to the screenshots
2002-03-17 hkielSpellfix.
2002-03-17 falemagncorrected type
2002-03-17 falemagnupdate
2002-03-17 falemagnTalk more about MUI
2002-03-16 hkielNews update.
2002-03-13 digullaRemoved/fixed one more dead link
2002-03-13 digullaRemoved/fixed dead links
2002-02-28 digullaUpdate
2002-02-27 hkielFixed Matt's links.
2002-02-22 digullaUpdated links to the pages of Matt Parsons
2002-02-21 chodorowski'pics' needs to depend on $(DEVPICS) and $(SCREENSHOTS...
2002-02-21 chodorowskiUse '' instead of '.' for "empty path", since the latte...
2002-02-20 digullaUpdate. 'Fixed' contrib.size
2002-02-18 hkielFixed some typos.
2002-02-18 digullaUpdate
2002-02-03 digullaDisable debug output
2002-02-02 digullaUpdate. is now generated when necessary and...
2002-01-23 digullaIgnore old news
2002-01-21 digullaImproved OOP4A link, added link to Universo Amiga
2002-01-21 digullaPut really old news onto their own pages
2002-01-21 digullaUpdate
2002-01-21 digullaUpdate
2002-01-21 digullaAdded link to OOP4A
2002-01-20 hkielFixed typo and *don't* claim that AROS fully compiles...
2002-01-18 falemagnOops... typo
2002-01-18 falemagnOops... typo
2002-01-18 falemagnAdded sourceforge logo in the footer. Hope it works...
2002-01-15 digullaSupport element b
2002-01-15 digullaUpdate
2002-01-15 digullaUpdate
2002-01-15 digullaUpdate
2002-01-11 indyadded links - Nikl: libxnix 2.0, Blom: crosscompiler
2002-01-10 falemagnupdated with my new shiny pic :)
2002-01-09 digullaAdded link to license
2002-01-09 digullaUpdate
2002-01-09 digullaUpdate
2001-12-20 digullaUpdate
2001-12-20 digullaObsolete
2001-12-20 digullaUpdate
2001-12-20 digullaUpdate
2001-12-20 jogr0326Updated news.
2001-12-11 digullaUpdate
2001-12-04 chodorowskiThe default boot priority is cdrom, floppy, harddisk...