- Removed obsolete WinCE code. A decent CE-hosted port is technically not possible.
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2002-01-23 digullaIgnore old news
2001-10-14 digullaMy public key was not on the site anymore
2001-10-07 digullaSmall transparent GIF to allow exact spacing on the...
2001-10-07 digullaIgnore directory which contains the HTMLized sources...
2001-09-20 digullaObsolet
2001-09-20 digullaLogo of trustsec
2001-05-02 digullaAnother generated file
2001-04-21 digullaConverted style.src to style.xml
2001-04-21 digullaIgnore more generated files
2001-04-18 digullaIgnore generated FAQ
2001-04-18 digullaIgnore new size plots
2001-04-18 digullaAdded license
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2001-04-16 digullaImages to create directory trees
2001-04-16 digullaLogo of edenmarket
2001-04-12 digullaBlue buttons
2001-04-11 digullaLogo of the Amiga Dos Online Reference Manual
2001-04-07 digullaConverted some old docs into a very simple form of...
2000-11-30 digullaNecessary pics for the barchart module
2000-11-30 digullaIgnore autodocs dir
2000-10-16 digullaIgnore all generated files
2000-10-16 digullaIgnore credits.html (generated)
2000-09-28 digullaIgnore pictures from the AROS binary repository
2000-09-27 digullaIgnore snapshots
2000-09-27 digullaMore generated files
2000-09-27 digullaIgnore generated files and added static pages.
2000-09-27 digullaMore images