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2013-07-19 NicJAfix source repository for mathomatic port
2013-06-20 NicJAfix Vice filenames. remove windows executable extension...
2013-06-20 NicJAUse VNewRawDoFmt on AROS to resolve issues for ARM...
2013-04-16 verhaegsports: Some SDL dependency fixes
2013-04-01 verhaegsgcc: Added mui and oop to list of standard link libraries.
2013-03-24 verhaegsmmakefile.src: Clean up; removed superfluous code
2013-03-24 verhaegsports: Fix some source code paths in mmakefile.src...
2013-03-16 NicJAonly define TRUE/FALSE if they arent already
2013-03-04 NicJAfix dependancy
2013-03-04 NicJAfix dependancy
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths and metatarget dependancies
2013-03-01 NicJAfix paths
2013-03-01 NicJAremove obsolete srcdir parameter
2012-11-27 mazzeUpdated to current version (old version isn't downloada...
2012-10-27 jmcmullancontrib: No need to explicitly depend on tools-crosstools
2012-09-02 mazzeVice needs a patch.
2012-09-02 mazzeVICE emulator collection (C64, VIC 20 etc.) added.
2012-08-27 mazzeMissing files added.
2012-08-26 mazzea2ps added.
2012-08-25 jmcmullanfreetype2: Follow the 'standard' naming conventions
2012-08-02 mazzeSerialecho removed because we already have KEcho.
2012-08-02 olivieradamAdded support for locales translations and icons for...
2012-08-02 olivieradamAttempt at a better drawer icon for ScreenRecorder.
2012-08-02 olivieradamScreenRecorder Gorilla icon. Icons build file.
2012-08-02 olivieradamScreenRecorder catalog build file and french translation.
2012-07-31 mazzeWormWars 8.78 added.
2012-07-29 mazzeReverted to old way of building c++ applications because
2012-07-29 mazzeGrafX2 added. There are still some problems but I don't
2012-07-28 mazzeCopy additional files to the target directory.
2012-07-28 mazzeAdded gocr (optical character recognition).
2012-07-28 mazzeUpdated to v0.66.
2012-07-26 mazzeCopy sounds and create icon.
2012-07-26 mazzeUpdated to v1.16, sound enabled.
2012-07-23 mazzeSDLScavencer: updated to current version
2012-07-22 mazzeSound disabled because it crashes.
2012-07-22 mazzeDisabled sound because it crashes.
2012-07-22 mazzeCompiler warning fixed by changing ULONG to IPTR.
2012-07-22 mazzeUpdated to current version 16.0.1.
2012-07-22 mazzeUpdated to current version 6.6.19.
2012-04-12 mazzeWIP: Build MathX with the C++ support of the "build_pro...
2012-04-12 mazzeMathomatic updated to v15.8.2
2012-04-12 mazzeABCM2PS updated to v6.6.9
2012-04-12 mazzeCflow updated to v1.4
2012-04-12 mazzePotrace updated to v1.10
2012-04-12 mazzeMUIBase updated to v2.11
2011-03-31 mazzeUpdated to v5.9.22
2011-03-28 mazzeAll SDL applications need GL linklib.
2011-03-26 weissmsCrosstools installation was moved into its own directory.
2011-03-26 mazzeBuild applications with Amiga API only for i386, because
2011-03-17 weissmsRenamed some arguments to match those of fetch.
2011-03-17 weissmsAdded big endian macros into patch, and create_patch...
2011-03-06 jmcmullanRevert "Disabled Lunapaint. Needs a fix because of...
2011-03-06 jmcmullanlunapaint: Minor patch for libpng 1.5
2011-03-06 mazzeDisabled Lunapaint. Needs a fix because of changed...
2011-02-01 olivieradamAdded a target for creation of the default icon for...
2011-02-01 olivieradamAdd a default icon for lunapaint projects.
2011-01-31 mazzeUpdate to v0.5
2011-01-31 mazzeAdded -Wno-implicit-function-declaration to fix a build...
2011-01-30 olivieradamAdded catalogs generation.
2011-01-09 mazzeUpdated to v5.9.20.
2010-12-27 mazzeMissing sound fixed.
2010-12-25 mazzeAdded -fno-strict-aliasing to suppress warnings.
2010-12-22 mazzePotrace updated to V1.9
2010-12-13 mazzeMetatarget fixed.
2010-12-11 mazzeDisabled because current version doesn't build.
2010-12-11 mazzeAbcm2ps needs patch.
2010-11-16 mazzeUpdated to v5.9.16
2010-11-09 mazzeUpdated to version 1.3.
2010-11-02 mazzeBinary file editor "Zaphod" added.
2010-10-25 mazzeAfter replacing the double quotes by single quotes...
2010-10-24 mazzeProblem with brackets in defines fixed.
2010-10-24 mazzeD'oh! Wrong application name in LEGAL fixed.
2010-10-24 mazzePolyglotMan added (tool for converting man-pages to...
2010-10-23 mazzeMetatarget's name for crosstools has been changed.
2010-10-11 mazzeFixed the way how the directories are created. (Previou...
2010-09-25 mazzeText adventure interpreter "Magnetic" added.
2010-09-25 mazzeRemoved copyright hint. It caused only confusion becaus...
2010-09-25 mazzeWrong icon image replaced.
2010-09-24 NicJAScreenrecorder depends on AHI
2010-09-24 NicJALunapaint depends on the freetype2 linklib
2010-08-04 mazzeRe-enabled abcm2ps after updating to version 5.9.15.
2010-08-04 mazzeAdopted to recent changes of "fetch" macro.
2010-08-03 mazzeMake use of update "copy_files_q" macro.
2010-08-02 mazzeAdded missing prerequisites.