exec.library: Make semaphore functions use spinlocks
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2013-09-10 mazzeDisabled because it's too unstable.
2013-09-08 mazzeForgot to remove some debug code.
2013-09-08 mazzeUpdated to v 3.0
2013-09-02 mazzeEnable some applications for arm (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
2013-04-01 verhaegsgcc: Added mui and oop to list of standard link libraries.
2013-03-24 verhaegsmmakefile.src: Clean up; removed superfluous code
2013-03-24 verhaegsports: Fix some source code paths in mmakefile.src...
2013-03-01 NicJAremove obsolete srcdir parameter
2012-04-12 mazzeMUIBase updated to v2.11
2011-03-26 mazzeBuild applications with Amiga API only for i386, because
2010-09-25 mazzeRemoved copyright hint. It caused only confusion becaus...
2010-08-04 mazzeAdopted to recent changes of "fetch" macro.
2010-08-03 mazzeMake use of update "copy_files_q" macro.
2010-07-25 mazzeRe-enabled build of MUIbase after fixing a silly bug.
2010-07-12 mazzeCorruption fixed.
2010-06-27 mazzeIcon generating moved from "ports/images" to project...
2010-06-26 mazzeGemDropX added.
2010-06-24 mazzeAdded MUIbase to "ports"