- Removed obsolete WinCE code. A decent CE-hosted port is technically not possible.
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2013-09-11 mazzeUpdated to v1.11
2012-04-12 mazzePotrace updated to v1.10
2010-12-22 mazzePotrace updated to V1.9
2010-09-25 mazzeRemoved copyright hint. It caused only confusion becaus...
2010-07-12 mazzeCorruption fixed.
2010-07-11 mazzeMade it buildable again by adding a patch which removes
2010-07-10 mazzeAdded TOOLTYPE TOOLPRI=-1 to every SDL game icon.
2010-06-27 mazzeIcon generating moved from "ports/images" to project...
2010-06-13 mazzePotrace added