small refactor to region handling
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2013-10-07 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-09-24 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-09-19 neilUpdated status of Scrollgroup.mui.
2013-09-18 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-09-09 mazzeUpdated.
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Remove arosc.library/libarosc.static.a; compil...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Added frame for stdc.library, stdcio.library...
2013-09-06 neil - Updated status update dates (I forgot them in previo...
2013-08-11 verhaegstest/clib: vfork() allows more than just exec*() or...
2013-08-11 verhaegsdos.library: Serialize Flush() call between different...
2013-07-26 neilAdded remaining attributes and methods of MUI 3.9 Area...
2013-07-20 mazzeScan unixio hidd for autodocs.
2013-07-20 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-07-20 mazzeScan some arch directories for autodocs (gives us acpi...
2013-07-18 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-07-17 NicJAadd raspi description
2013-07-17 neilAdded CMake and gperf to list of requirements.
2013-07-17 verhaegsUpdate of autodocs in ReST format.
2013-07-17 Set docname/docfilename for text autodocs
2013-07-14 Don't use "/" for path delimiter, let...
2013-07-14 verhaegsAutodocs: remove blacklist and update generated ReST...
2013-07-14 verhaegsdocumentation/scripts/ Allow non-function...
2013-07-09 neilUpdated implementation status of Zune classes.
2013-06-25 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-06-25 mazzeAutodoc script still can't deal with libraries which...
2013-05-04 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-04-27 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-04-22 neilFixed some typos etc.
2013-04-13 NicJA_4play_'s picture removed at his request
2013-03-27 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-03-26 mazzeUse outline pen.
2013-03-25 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-03-19 mazze- Picture scaled down.
2013-03-19 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-03-10 mazzeAdded a link to the almost forgotten "Feature Request"
2013-03-10 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-03-09 mazzeApplied jman's patches for printing support.
2013-03-09 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-03-09 deadwoodDocumentation on using Callgrind to trace AROS
2013-02-23 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-02-23 mazzeHandle rom/devs/ata as HIDD to avoid error while
2013-02-07 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2013-01-06 mazze2 links to empty sites removed.
2013-01-05 mazzeBroken and redirected links fixed.
2013-01-03 desperadoSwedish translation, roughs spots improved by Johannes...
2013-01-02 neilRemoved obsolete warning about GRUB2 not being cross...
2013-01-01 mazzeSigh. Missed 3 files when updating the year to 2013.
2013-01-01 mazze2012 -> 2013
2013-01-01 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2012-12-31 desperadoSwedish translations, roughs pots improved by Johannes...
2012-12-27 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2012-11-24 neil - Added instructions for building objconv on OS X.
2012-11-18 neilRemoved unnecessary paragraph tags around main package...
2012-11-18 neilProduce more correct HTML.
2012-11-17 desperadoBetter separation of targets, so html and www can be...
2012-11-17 desperadoRFC10 Documentation Style Guide
2012-11-17 desperadoNo longer in use
2012-11-14 mazzeRemoved autodocs for libs which don't exist anymore.
2012-11-14 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2012-11-14 mazzeAdded two new directories (allthough R doesn't have...
2012-11-13 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2012-11-13 mazzeBlack-list repaired:
2012-11-13 desperadoNews in Dutch for 2007, typos found after the commit.
2012-11-12 desperado3 Dutch translations of news bulletins from 2007, provi...
2012-11-08 neilRemoved Windows metadata file apparently added by accident.
2012-11-07 mazzeGerman translation updated to be more consistent with
2012-11-07 mazzeGerman translation for "news-archive-for"
2012-11-06 neilAdded translations for "News archive for".
2012-11-06 desperadoNews bulletins in year drawers
2012-11-06 neilAllow for translation of titles used in news pages.
2012-11-03 neilI assume Swedish sentences should end with full-stops.
2012-11-03 desperadoCleanup after previous change; for copying separated...
2012-11-03 desperadoAROS at AmiWest 2012, typos found after the commit.
2012-11-02 desperadoAROS at AmiWest 2012, by Jason McMullan, provided by...
2012-11-02 neilReordered languages to alphabetical order by native...
2012-10-31 mazzeInclude Swedish version.
2012-10-30 desperadoSwedish translation, provided by Stefan.
2012-10-29 desperadoTypoes and other small corrections by rtob.
2012-10-29 desperadoChanged argument parsing to accept any number of target...
2012-10-28 mazzeSwedish translation from Stefan.
2012-10-28 desperadoCzech translation, provided by Vojta.
2012-10-28 desperadoItalian translation, provided by Journeyman.
2012-10-28 desperadoDutch translation, provided by rtob.
2012-10-25 neilAbsolute path to htdocs has changed on Sourceforge.
2012-10-25 neilThe absoloute path to htdocs has changed on SF, so...
2012-10-23 weissmssam440 bootiso is also for sam460ex.
2012-10-22 mazzeAdded 2012 to the news archive.
2012-10-22 neilAllow more flexible positioning of download icons when...
2012-10-21 neilThis year's news update.
2012-10-19 desperadoInclusion of download-abstract.
2012-10-18 desperadoStructure of the home page, and inclusion of index...
2012-10-17 desperadoDutch translation, provided by rtob.
2012-10-09 desperadoDe-corrected "thumbs" back to "thubs".
2012-10-07 desperadoVarious ReSt problems in translations.
2012-10-03 desperadoLanguage, style, flow.
2012-09-27 neil - Added OpenGL to hosted build requirements.
2012-09-15 mazzeCopied from AboutAROS.
2012-09-15 mazzeUpdated from source code.
2012-07-23 neilTidied up download page, giving greater prominence...
2012-07-21 mazzeVIP added. (Well, I needed something to test RSYNC :-)