skip TS_REMOVED tasks, too
[aros:aros.git] / contrib /
2013-08-18 verhaegscontrib/regina/options.c: CALLS_AS_FUNS->CALLS_AS_FUNCS
2013-08-16 verhaegscontrib/regina: some changes to the options
2013-08-09 weissmsCopy includes only if they have changed, avoids unneede...
2013-08-04 weissmsUse flag files to avoid unneeded build and installation.
2013-07-29 verhaegscontrib/regina: Improved file handling.
2013-07-29 verhaegscontrib/regina/RexxMast.c: Added some debug output
2013-07-18 NicJA&scr->Bitmap > scr->Rastport.Bitmap
2013-07-18 jmcmullancontrib/SDL_main.library: Compiler delint (x86_64)
2013-07-18 jmcmullancontrib/chocolatecastle: Clean up some compiler lint...
2013-07-18 jmcmullancontrib/SortCopy: casting cleanups
2013-07-18 jmcmullancontrib/filemaster: Use RastPort->BitMap
2013-07-18 jmcmullancontrib/bgui: Use RastPort->BitMap
2013-07-18 jmcmullancontrib/fish/fractal: Use RastPort->BitMap
2013-07-18 jmcmullancontrib/fish/snowfall: Use RastPort.BitMap instead...
2013-07-17 NicJAdont link against icu libs on arm as well as m68k....
2013-07-17 NicJAcause the mbstate_t detection to fail on AROS since...
2013-07-16 NicJAuse newer version of mpc
2013-07-16 NicJAuse newer version of mpfr
2013-07-16 NicJAuse newer version of gmp
2013-07-16 NicJAuse newer version of binutils
2013-07-16 NicJAupdate patch for binutils 2.32.2
2013-07-14 deadwoodfreopen(CON:..) working again, bring back console windo...
2013-07-14 deadwoodFix runtime system detection. Previous code was causing...
2013-07-11 neilChanges to BAL/Internationalization/WebCore/CMakeLists...
2013-07-11 neilDo not try to link to ICU libraries on m68k.
2013-07-05 neilAlso disable ICU for m68k (in addition to ARM).
2013-07-02 neilAdd dependency on ICU if not compiling for ARM.
2013-06-25 NicJAdont use ICU when compiling for ARM (use OWB's generic...
2013-06-24 NicJAupdate patch to resolve build issues using texinfo...
2013-06-20 NicJAtemp fix for arm build.
2013-06-20 NicJAtemp fix for arm build.
2013-06-20 NicJAtemp fix for arm build.
2013-06-20 NicJAtemp fix for arm build - n.b. rawdo is a no-op on aros...
2013-05-22 jmcmullanicu: Add missing '-' for --with-cross-build
2013-05-22 jmcmullancontrib/SDL: SDL_SetError() should now sanely handle...
2013-05-14 neilReverted accidental exclusion of OWB from standard...
2013-05-14 NicJAfix catalog dir names
2013-05-09 mazzeMoved little cms from contrib to core. Need for parsing...
2013-05-09 verhaegscontrib/thread.library: assert() -> ASSERT()
2013-04-29 verhaegscontrib/SDL: For SDL.library don't put arosc in uselibs...
2013-04-29 verhaegscontrib/SDL: Use rellib option in SDL.conf for opening...
2013-04-29 verhaegscontrib/SDL: Also use forcebase in SDL.conf
2013-04-22 NicJAchange on-disk names
2013-04-21 NicJAattempt to fix build
2013-04-10 NicJAfetch_and_build metatarget is virtual (shouldnt they...
2013-04-10 NicJAdont set aros prefix atm
2013-04-10 NicJAadd config options needed for ice and cleanup mmakefile
2013-04-09 NicJAhost build moved out of aros icu build. merged in neces...
2013-04-07 NicJAfix patch to use the correct SDL function names for...
2013-04-02 verhaegsgcc: Put mui link lib before amiga link lib.
2013-04-01 verhaegsgcc: Added mui and oop to list of standard link libraries.
2013-03-31 NicJAdevicetype needs converted from big endian
2013-03-24 verhaegsmmakefile.src: Clean up; removed superfluous code
2013-03-24 verhaegsgcc: Put arossupport link lib before amiga as the forme...
2013-03-23 neilPartly revert r46978 for now to help nightly build...
2013-03-22 jmcmullancontrib/chocolatecastle: Compiler delint
2013-03-22 jmcmullancontrib/SDL: Giant pile of compiler delint
2013-03-21 mazzeReplaced Exit() by exit() because Exit() is like abort().
2013-03-20 neilAdd dependency on PNG library.
2013-03-19 mazzeAttempt to fix nightly build (libz missing).
2013-03-16 NicJAupdate to icu4c 51rc
2013-03-16 mazzeMade UAE buildable again.
2013-03-16 NicJAadd a needed define
2013-03-08 jmcmullanmmakefile: conffile= no longer needs explicit path
2013-03-07 NicJAenable build
2013-03-04 NicJAuse VNewRawDoFmt
2013-03-04 NicJAfix config file path
2013-03-04 NicJAwarn about un-compilable code on ARM
2013-03-04 NicJAwarn about un-compilable code on ARM
2013-03-04 NicJAdisable building the tests for now since build_progs...
2013-03-04 NicJAcorrect dates
2013-03-04 NicJAfix lvo's
2013-03-04 NicJAfix build on arm
2013-03-04 NicJAfix config file path
2013-03-04 NicJAfix config file path
2013-03-04 NicJAfix config file path
2013-03-03 NicJAoops - enable build
2013-03-03 NicJAImplement main aros SDL component as a shared library...
2013-02-13 verhaegscontrib/gnu/coreutils: Don't use ioctl()
2013-02-13 verhaegsgcc: Removed most aros specific patches in libiberty
2013-02-13 verhaegscontrib/Games/Kiel: Fixed dependency in some mmakefile...
2013-02-03 sonicMoving to main tree, needed by SysExplorer
2013-01-13 weissmsFryingPan depends on AHI headers.
2013-01-12 weissmsBuild fix after recent changes to config/make.tmpl.
2012-12-20 polluksPrepare native locale support
2012-11-28 jmcmullangcc-4.6.2: Update with patch for gengtype.c
2012-11-17 jmcmullanOWB: Fix image rendering for Big Endian machines
2012-11-17 jmcmullanOWB: Compiler delint
2012-11-10 jmcmullanlibpthread: Remove unneeded warning messages in pthread...
2012-11-08 deadwoodUnarc: bump version
2012-11-06 deadwoodChange by Olivier Tigreat: The change allows an archive...
2012-11-03 deadwoodDOpusRT: return defined value so that scripts using...
2012-11-02 jmcmullanOWB: Initialize some custom classes in the correct...
2012-11-02 jmcmullanOWB: Use modern build macros
2012-11-02 jmcmullanOWB: Compiler delint and x86_64 cleanups
2012-10-31 weissmsFix owb ppc build, fix dependencies.
2012-10-28 jmcmullanOWB: Ugh. now points to .ru malware.
2012-10-27 jmcmullanOWB: Get OWB to build under ABIv1
2012-10-27 jmcmullancontrib: No need to explicitly depend on tools-crosstools
2012-10-27 jmcmullancontrib/pthread.library: Add pthread_mutex_trylock()