- Removed obsolete WinCE code. A decent CE-hosted port is technically not possible.
[aros:aros.git] / contrib /
2014-01-04 mazzeCopy the prefs files.
2014-01-02 neilCorrections to SVN properties.
2013-12-29 deadwoodcontrib/scalos: disable arm build, due to problems...
2013-12-27 deadwoodgcc: generate frame pointers by default
2013-12-26 mazzeVersion specification finally opens the library.
2013-12-26 mazzeBuild sqlite3.library.
2013-12-25 mazzeSet script flag.
2013-12-25 mazzeCopy the whole envarc directory to Scalos:Storage so
2013-12-25 mazzeFix for the problem that two copy_files_q macros in...
2013-12-24 mazzeAdded missing dependencies.
2013-12-24 deadwoodgcc: use DWARF2 as the default debugging information...
2013-12-23 mazzeSuppress echoing with "@".
2013-12-22 mazzeBuild catalogs.
2013-12-22 mazzeFix for a crash in EMU mode: patched AddAppWindow()
2013-12-21 mazzeFix for a NULL pointer dereferencing.
2013-12-21 mazzeBuild Scalos for i386 and arm, although I've no idea
2013-12-21 mazzeCreate icons for Scalos' modules. We can't copy def_Too...
2013-12-20 mazzeUse Scalos' own icons for the prefs.
2013-12-20 mazzeThe function for ADD2EXPUNGELIB must return a BOOL.
2013-12-20 mazzeBuild wb39 plugins.
2013-12-20 mazzeMissing dependencies added.
2013-12-20 mazzeGet rid of "linklibname=...". It can't be used for...
2013-12-20 mazzeGive the datatypes their own development directory...
2013-12-20 mazzeAROS specific GetClassInfo().
2013-12-20 mazzeBuild all plugins except os39.
2013-12-19 mazzeBuild preview plugins.
2013-12-18 mazzeWno-implicit-function-declaration no longer needed
2013-12-18 mazzeIcons for Scalos.
2013-12-16 mazzeBuild filetype plugins.
2013-12-14 mazzeDon't create custom iconify gadget.
2013-12-14 mazzeBuild plugin prefs.
2013-12-14 mazzeAdded missing file.
2013-12-14 mazzeBuild Scalos' preferences editors.
2013-12-13 mazzeAdded missing dependencies.
2013-12-13 mazzeImplemented the datatypes as libraries. I had crashes...
2013-12-08 mazzeCorrectly set the order which is used by Scalos
2013-12-08 mazzeIcon datatypes ported.
2013-12-08 mazzeBuild the modules.
2013-12-08 mazzeMetatarget dependency added.
2013-12-08 mazzeSet libbase and classdatatype.
2013-12-08 mazzeBuild it.
2013-12-08 mazzeWIP iconobject.datatype.
2013-12-07 mazzeCopy envarc and default theme.
2013-12-07 mazzeUse correct libbasetype.
2013-12-05 mazzeAttempt to build Scalos core. Compiles but stops
2013-12-05 mazzeFixed some issues like adding a variadic function
2013-12-05 mazzeRe-enabled some protos.
2013-12-05 mazzeCreate includes for various plugin types.
2013-12-04 mazzeBuild scalosgfx.library with actual defs.h
2013-12-04 mazzeBuild preferences.library with actual defs.h
2013-12-04 mazzeBuild iconobject.library with new defs.h
2013-12-04 mazzedefs.h: added a lvo attribute to the libfunc macros
2013-12-03 jmcmullancontrib-gcc: Oops - trimmed a bit too much
2013-12-03 mazzeDon't use pertaskbase. Solves a crash with OpenLibrary().
2013-12-03 jmcmullancontrib: gcc updated to v4.6.4
2013-12-01 mazzeAdded package support, so that you can easily
2013-12-01 mazzeBuild Scalos and 3 of its libraries.
2013-12-01 mazzeInitial import of Scalos. To decrease size I have
2013-11-20 mazzeOops.
2013-11-19 mazzeVariables removed (see discussion "buildsystem curiosit...
2013-11-17 NicJAmove xadlibrary from contrib/pack to contrib/libs
2013-11-15 neilAdded a second repository for curl.
2013-11-14 neilSlightly more consistent formatting.
2013-11-09 deadwoodcontrib: DOpus depend on rexxsyslib-linklib, scout...
2013-11-09 deadwoodpng.library/jpeg.library - depend on the linklib, not...
2013-11-09 deadwoodDepend on "mesa" linklib targets instead of main targets.
2013-11-08 NicJAmmakefile for the xad test's
2013-11-08 NicJAdont define SysBase on AROS - fixes crash running xadList.
2013-11-08 NicJAoops missed a couple..
2013-11-08 NicJAbump version and readme
2013-11-08 NicJAXAD .rar archive client (wip). Builds and is listed...
2013-11-02 deadwoodcontrib/lua: close the output/error windows when the...
2013-11-01 deadwoodcontrib/AAEDT: fixes needed for the script to work...
2013-10-30 mazzeAROS_LIBS -> AROS_LIBRARIES.
2013-10-29 mazzeAdapted to recent changes of %build_linklib.
2013-10-28 mazzeReplaced deprecated variables CONTRIBDIR, BINDIR and
2013-10-14 mazzeAdded some prerequisites.
2013-10-08 deadwoodcontrib/Games/Quake: disabled build for ARM, there...
2013-10-07 mazzeAttempting to build Quake and Doom for ARM. Let's see...
2013-10-07 NicJAsdl includes depend on iconv includes
2013-10-07 NicJAadd a target for the iconv includes (currently still...
2013-09-20 deadwoodgcc: force failure of test for writev
2013-09-15 verhaegsSDL.library: Use posixc.library and not stdcio.library
2013-09-15 NicJAuse FindTask(NULL) in userspace code.
2013-09-11 NicJAuse the mkdirs_q macro
2013-09-08 verhaegsarosc_emul.c/emul_arosc.c: Remove most of the functions...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Remove arosc.library/libarosc.static.a; compil...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Moved string related functions to stdc.library
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Removed compiler/mlib; moved all code to stdc...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Moved ctype code to stdc
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Additional preparation for proper replacement...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Added frame for stdc.library, stdcio.library...
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Complete split up in ANSI-C and POSIX parts
2013-09-08 verhaegs[csplit] Move include files to new place
2013-09-08 weissmsGendir of crosstools icu is now in crosstools directory.
2013-09-02 mazzeMerged-in lua 5.2.2.
2013-09-01 weissmsicu does not build for ppc atm, disabled.
2013-08-31 deadwoodcontrib/OWB: partially revert r47901 as it seems to...
2013-08-31 mazzeAncient freetype1 removed.
2013-08-28 deadwoodcontrib/OWB: add correct SDL dependency, fix compilers...