cybergraphics.library: simplify code by returning the bitmap as handle APTR since...
[aros:aros.git] / AROS / workbench / libs / cgfx / lockbitmaptaglist.c
2013-10-08 deadwoodcybergraphics.library: simplify code by returning the...
2013-06-24 sonicKilled code duplication, use new attribute
2013-05-20 neil - Implemented ScalePixelArray().
2013-03-25 neilWrote missing cybergraphics.library AutoDocs.
2012-03-28 twilenFixed LBMI_BYTESPERROW.
2012-03-11 jmcmullancybergraphics.library: Add a bit more debug
2012-01-01 jmcmullanAROS: Convert NextTagItem() to non-const input
2011-07-15 sonicUse aHidd_BitMap_BytesPerRow attribute
2010-08-24 sonicGot rid of extended pixelformats almost completely
2010-06-04 soniccybergraphics.library moved out of rom