adapted to new ResetSpin parameter
[aros:aros.git] / AROS / rom / exec / wait.c
2013-10-25 Oliver Brunneradapted to new ResetSpin parameter
2013-10-24 Oliver Brunneradded automatic system spinlock unlocking and locking
2013-08-21 Jason S. McMullanexec.library: Use a global TaskReady/TaskWait list
2013-08-21 Jason S. McMullanexec.library: No need to 'save and restore' TDNestCnt
2013-08-21 Jason S. McMullanexec.library: Use new KrnSchedule() API
2013-08-21 Michal SchulzKrnScheduling takes an BYTE parameter and then behaves...
2013-08-21 Jason S. McMullanSMP: Infrastructure for AROS SMP support
2010-09-11 sonicImplemented KrnSwitch() on UNIX-hosted, unified Wait()
2002-12-29 hkielRemoved obsolete HISTORY section in autodoc.
2001-10-24 chodorowskiFixed copyright notice.
2000-03-10 stegergmust not backup SysBase->TDNestCnt in FindTask(NULL...
1999-02-24 digullaNever use SysBase->ThisTask; always use FindTask(NULL);
1998-12-15 bergersFixed the multitasking bug for now. Added some more...
1998-10-20 hkielAmiga Research OS
1997-05-12 arosFixed all headers
1997-01-01 ldpCommitted Amiga native (support) code
1996-12-10 arosMoved all #include's in the first column so makedepend...
1996-10-24 arosUse the official AROS macros over the __AROS versions.
1996-08-13 digullaReplaced __AROS_LA by __AROS_LHA
1996-08-01 digullaAdded standard header for all files
1996-08-01 digullaAdded copyright notics and made headers conform
1996-07-28 digullaInitial revision