last changeWed, 8 Sep 2010 14:17:14 +0000 (14:17 +0000)
2010-09-08 bubu- updated fbmenu with timeout support master
2010-09-07 bubu- removed not needed modules.* (mainly needed for modpr...
2010-09-07 bubu- added new modules (for g_serial access)
2010-09-07 bubu- added correct CMDLINE for console stuff..
2010-09-07 bubu- updated modules
2010-09-07 bubu- linux config that does seems to work for both angstro...
2010-09-06 bubu- added building initramfs from gen6 buildroot
2010-09-06 bubu- kernel version is but make it seems...
2010-08-07 bubu- added dependency advice
2010-08-07 bubu- moved from openPMA-ng to openAOS
2010-08-07 bubu- Updated to openAOS
2010-08-07 bubu- fixed kernel-header build
2010-08-06 bubu- updated openssh
2010-08-06 bubu- updated ncftp version
2010-08-06 bubu- fixed lzo download url
2010-08-06 bubu- fixed problem compiling under maverick
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