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last changeTue, 2 Apr 2013 12:31:04 +0000 (15:31 +0300)
2013-04-02 Daniel LevinRename APTL to MCTF master
2013-03-29 Daniel LevinClosing runner now wait for all actions to complete
2013-03-29 Daniel LevinKill runner process when service is gone
2013-03-29 Daniel LevinAdd runner killing facilities
2013-03-29 Daniel LevinDo not run service actions in main thread
2013-03-29 Daniel LevinAdd example for ActivityEngine
2013-03-26 Daniel LevinRefactoring: renamed test to runner
2013-03-26 Daniel LevinRemove unused StringEnum.h
2013-03-26 Daniel LevinAdded license headers
2013-03-26 Daniel LevinRemove unused Status.cpp
2013-03-25 Daniel Levinin progress...
2013-03-22 Daniel LevinFinished services
2013-03-22 Daniel LevinWorking on ServiceTestCase...
2013-03-22 Daniel LevinRemove ThrowableThread
2013-03-22 Daniel LevinFixed StringRef usage
2013-03-22 Daniel LevinNoSpace is default for logs
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