2009-08-21 Michael Vogtadd copyrights information
2009-08-21 Michael Vogtupdate and to reflect changes in...
2009-08-21 Michael Vogtdebian/*: initial debian dir
2009-08-21 Michael Vogtrename die appcenter dir (pep08)
2009-08-21 Michael Vogtutils/update-app-install: fix typo (thanks to julianK
2009-08-21 Michael Vogtutils/update-app-install: use sortable_serialize instea...
2009-08-21 Michael Vogttodo updated
2009-08-21 Michael Vogtmake close work
2009-08-21 Michael VogtAppCenter/ make the default search limit...
2009-08-21 Michael Vogtadd popcon to the xapian db and use it in the searches
2009-08-21 Michael Vogtadd popcon to the xapian db (but do not use it yet)
2009-08-21 Michael Vogtadd support for urls in the app description
2009-08-21 Michael Vogt* AppCenter/
2009-08-21 Michael Vogt* AppCenter/
2009-08-20 Michael Vogtmake it all single click
2009-08-20 Michael VogtAppCenter/ fix incorrect import
2009-08-20 Michael VogtAppCenter/view/ make it single-click
2009-08-20 Michael Vogtfix bug in filter code
2009-08-20 Michael Vogtadd LabeledCategoriesView (not complete yet, row-activa...
2009-08-20 Michael Vogtmake the AppViewFilter more generic and add the archive...
2009-08-20 Michael Vogtadd support for view menu and filtering based on suppor...
2009-08-20 Michael Vogt* AppCenter/view/
2009-08-20 Michael Vogtadd TODO
2009-08-20 Michael Vogtmpt-center: look at global datadir
2009-08-20 Michael install ui file to ui dir
2009-08-20 Michael Vogtadd setup.{py,cfg} and i18n
2009-08-20 Michael VogtAppCenter/ add partial matches
2009-08-20 Michael Vogttest/ add testcode for the query
2009-08-20 Michael VogtAppCenter/view/ make the categories activate...
2009-08-19 Michael Vogt* AppCenter/view/
2009-08-18 Michael VogtREADME: add information about dbus match limits
2009-08-18 Michael VogtAppCenter/view/ clean the empty pixbuf
2009-08-18 Michael VogtAppCenter/ integrate the pending view...
2009-08-18 Michael Vogtadd start of the pending view
2009-08-17 Michael Vogtadd menu items from the spec
2009-08-17 Michael Vogttest/
2009-08-17 Michael VogtAppCenter/view/
2009-08-17 Michael VogtAppCenter/
2009-08-17 Michael Vogtfix button bar navigation
2009-08-17 Michael Vogt* AppCenter/view/
2009-08-17 Michael Vogtadd homepage button
2009-08-10 Michael VogtAppCenter/view/ improve layout of...
2009-08-05 Michael VogtAppCenter/view/ its ok if aptdaemon...
2009-08-05 Michael Vogtdata/ui/MptCenter.ui: remove "requires", this does...
2009-08-05 Michael Vogtutils/update-app-install: if the cache has the pkgname...
2009-07-31 Michael VogtAppCenter/view/ more basic informatio...
2009-07-31 Michael Vogtadd (very rude) AppDetailsView
2009-07-31 Michael Vogtadd navigation buttons
2009-07-31 Michael Vogtfix the various filters, add search clear button
2009-07-31 Michael Vogtadd basic searching and a home button
2009-07-31 Michael Vogtmake the installed/availabe view work
2009-07-31 Michael Vogtinitial UI
2009-07-31 Michael Vogtmake the check-pending code work
2009-07-31 Michael Vogtadd viewswitcher widget with basic aptdaemon pending...
2009-07-31 Michael Vogtadd documention, add filter function for the appview...
2009-07-29 Michael Vogtmake sort case-insensitive, add gmarkup_escape_text
2009-07-29 Michael Vogtsupport <OnlyUnallocated> tag
2009-07-29 Michael Vogtview/ show status label
2009-07-29 Michael Vogtview/ if called with limit == 0, set match...
2009-07-29 Michael Vogt* view/
2009-07-29 Michael Vogtview/ pass xapian query to AppView instead...
2009-07-28 Michael Vogt* add categories view that includes a dynamic xapian...
2009-07-28 Michael Vogtutils/update-app-install:
2009-07-28 Michael VogtREADME:
2009-07-27 Michael Vogtintegrate with a-x-i
2009-07-27 Michael Vogtfix on_get_iter() for empty views
2009-07-27 Michael Vogtprefix all our xapian terms with A to confusion with...
2009-07-27 Michael Vogtinitial version of update-app-install based on xapian