trivial: Catch bug if package candidate is None
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2011-06-30 Olivier TilloyMerged the latest changes from the trunk.
2011-06-30 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2011-06-22 Alex Eftimiemerged from trunk
2011-06-20 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2011-06-20 Michael Vogt* Add fake-review API that can be used for GUI testing and
2011-06-20 Aaron Peacheymerge from trunk
2011-06-11 Michael Vogtmerged from lp:~aaronp/software-center/tests and tweak...
2011-06-07 Aaron Peacheymerge from trunk and resolve
2011-06-03 Aaron Peacheycreate a fake get_usefulness() response and