trivial: Catch bug if package candidate is None
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2010-10-04 Michael Vogtmerged review code
2010-08-12 Kiwinotemerge with trunk
2010-08-11 Mohamed Amine IL... merge with trunk (argh conflicts).
2010-08-11 Michael Vogtmerged the apturl/debfiles support from kiwinote (via...
2010-08-11 Kiwinotemerge from trunk
2010-08-10 Kiwinotemerge with deb-files branch
2010-08-09 Kiwinotemerge with trunk again
2010-08-09 Kiwinotemerge with trunk again
2010-08-09 Kiwinoteinitial merge with trunk
2010-08-05 KiwinoteMerge ... trunk and don't show action_btn in appview...
2010-08-03 Kiwinotemerge with trunk
2010-08-02 Kiwinotemerge with trunk
2010-08-02 Kiwinotemerge with trunk and many fixes
2010-07-09 KiwinoteUpdate man file to reflect apturl and gdebi capabilities
2010-02-23 SiraNokyoongtongMerge from trunk.
2010-02-15 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2010-02-10 Gary Laskermerge lp:~mvo/software-center/sourcesview, thanks mvo
2010-02-10 Michael Vogtmerged (and fixed conflicts) from lp:~gary-lasker...
2010-02-10 Matthew McGowanmake progressbar rtl happy
2010-02-10 Matthew McGowanmerge with trunk and fix conflicts
2010-02-09 Michael Vogtmerge lp:~mvo/software-center/spinner, this gives us...
2010-02-09 Michael Vogt* merge branch lp:~juliank/software-center/debian ...
2010-02-05 Julian Andres Klodeman/update-software-center.8: Add a manpage for update...
2009-10-19 Andrew(merge with trunk)
2009-10-15 Matthew McGowanmerge with trunk
2009-10-13 Michael Vogt* softwarecenter/view/widgets/
2009-10-11 Josh HollandChanged store to center
2009-10-11 Josh HollandFixed up man page (LP: #448896)
2009-10-02 Matthew McGowan...
2009-09-28 Andrew(merge with trunk)
2009-09-25 Michael Vogtrenamed to "Ubuntu Software Center" and software-center...
2009-09-02 Michael Vogtmerge the webkit branch
2009-09-02 Michael Vogtmove man page to toplevel and fix missing section