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2010-03-25 Matthew Paul ThomasRemoves unnecessary words, and makes branding consistent.
2010-03-25 Matthew Paul ThomasFixes out-of-date things for 2.0.
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2009-09-09 Matthew Paul ThomasAdds 'What should I do if a program doesn't work?'...
2009-09-09 Matthew Paul ThomasAdds 'What if a program I want isn't in the Store?...
2009-09-09 Matthew Paul ThomasAdds 'Why are all the programs free?' section.
2009-09-09 Andrewadded mpt's changes, changed some icons sizes to be...
2009-09-09 Michael Vogthelp updates (thanks to Matthew Paul Thomas)
2009-09-09 Matthew Paul ThomasAdds 'What does Canonical-maintained mean?' section...
2009-09-09 Matthew Paul ThomasAdds 'Why is it asking me to remove several programs...
2009-09-09 Matthew Paul ThomasAdds 'Removing a program' section.
2009-09-09 Matthew Paul ThomasAdds 'Using a program once it's installed' section.
2009-09-09 Matthew Paul ThomasCopyediting.
2009-09-09 AndrewAdding to docs, fixed some bugs
2009-09-08 Matthew Paul ThomasAdds 'Installing a program' section, and titles for...
2009-09-08 Matthew Paul ThomasRemoves unhelpful sections.
2009-09-08 Matthew Paul ThomasRewrites the introduction.
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2009-09-08 Andrewsome docs and some bug fixes
2009-09-07 Michael Vogtadd a stub help page