Port install/remove functions to new PK 0.8.x API
[appstream:software-center.git] / apt-xapian-index-plugin / origin.py
2011-10-05 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2011-08-14 Matthew McGowanmerge w trunk and resolve
2011-08-14 Matthew McGowanmerge
2011-08-13 Alex Eftimiemerged from lp:~alexeftimie/software-center/backend...
2011-08-13 Alex Eftimiemerged from lp:software-center
2011-08-11 Michael Vogtsome pep8 fixes, but probably not worth the trouble...
2011-05-31 Michael Vogtmerged lp:~aaronp/software-center/lp790450-for-4.0
2011-05-30 Aaron Peacheyport to new and improved trunk
2011-05-24 Michael Vogtmerged lp:~evfool/software-center/fix506419, many thanks!
2011-05-23 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2011-05-23 Michael Vogt* merged lp:~mvo/software-center/pyflakes, no user...
2011-05-18 Michael Vogtapt-xapian-index: make pyflakes clean
2011-04-18 Gary Laskermerge lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/hide-purchased...
2011-04-07 Aaron Peacheymerge from lp:~aaronp/software-center/review-playground...
2011-02-11 Michael Vogtmerged from reviews and update changelog
2011-02-11 Michael Vogtfix conflict from previous merge, pull in latest review...
2011-02-11 Michael Vogtmerged lp:~mvo/software-center/reviews, this adds the...
2011-02-11 Aaron Peacheymerge from reviews and resolve
2011-02-09 Michael Vogtmerged lp:~mpt/software-center/3.0-rnr-cleanup, many...
2011-01-31 Matthew McGowancommit changes
2011-01-31 Michael Vogtmerge from lp:~mvo/software-center/reviews
2011-01-29 Matthew McGowanmerge w review
2011-01-28 Michael Vogtmerged from the reviews branch
2011-01-28 Michael Vogtmerged from reviews
2011-01-28 Michael Vogtmerged from the reviews branch
2011-01-28 Michael Vogt* utils/submit_review.py:
2011-01-27 Michael Vogtmerged from the reviews branch
2011-01-27 Michael Vogtmerged from the reviews branch
2011-01-26 Michael Vogtmerged from reviews
2011-01-26 Michael Vogtmerged from reviews branch
2011-01-26 Michael Vogtmerged from the reviews branch
2011-01-25 Michael Vogtmerged from reviews branch
2011-01-25 Matthew McGowanresolve conflicts
2011-01-18 Michael Vogtmerged the reviews branch into trunk
2010-11-26 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2010-11-24 Kiwinotemerge from mvo
2010-11-24 Michael Vogtmerged from kiwinote
2010-11-24 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2010-11-24 Michael Vogtmerged from lp:~kiwinote/software-center/getting-the...
2010-11-23 Kiwinote * apt-xapian-index-plugin/origin.py (tmp location),
2010-11-18 Kiwinotemerge from tremolux
2010-11-16 Gary Laskermerge lp:~kiwinote/software-center/startup-speed, fix...
2010-10-17 Matthew McGowanmerge w linkbutton-fixes branch.
2010-10-04 Michael Vogtmerged review code
2010-09-26 Mohamed Amine IL... merge with trunk
2010-09-15 Gary Lasker* softwarecenter/apt/apthistory.py: History entries...
2010-09-15 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2010-09-14 Matthew McGowanmerge w trunk.
2010-09-13 Michael Vogtmerged lp:~mmcg069/software-center/tiny-pathbar-tweak
2010-09-13 Kiwinotemerge from trunk
2010-09-12 Gary Laskermerge with trunk
2010-09-12 Gary LaskerFix update-apt-xapian-index crashes when the Dir::Cache...
2010-09-12 Colin WatsonFix update-apt-xapian-index crashes when the Dir::Cache...
2010-08-02 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2010-08-02 Mohamed Amine IL... merge with trunk
2010-08-02 Kiwinotemerge with trunk and many fixes
2010-07-31 Kiwinotemerge with trunk
2010-07-28 Matthew McGowanmerge w trunk.
2010-07-28 Gary Laskermerge with trunk
2010-07-28 Michael Vogtapt-xapian-index-plugin/origin.py: add label (XOLnotdow...
2010-05-19 Gary LaskerMake buttons activate on mouse up, fix other inconsiste...
2010-05-06 Michael Vogt* softwarecenter/view/app.py:
2010-05-03 Jacob Johan EdwardsMerge ... trunk and fix `exact` behavior in appstore.
2010-05-03 Michael Vogtmerged from lp:~mvo/software-center/smooth_search.lucid
2010-04-28 Michael Vogtsoftwarecenter/view/appview.py: make it run via python...
2010-04-27 Michael Vogt* data/featured.menu.in:
2010-04-27 Michael Vogtmerged from lp:~mvo/software-center/smooth_search
2010-04-27 Michael Vogt* merged lp:~juliank/software-center/debian that includ...
2010-03-30 Gary Laskermerge trunk
2010-03-29 Michael Vogtmerge branch from michaelforrest that does not empty box
2010-03-29 Julian Andres KlodeUpdate to new python-apt API and stop using has_key...
2010-03-29 Julian Andres KlodeMerge 1.1.21
2010-03-26 Gary Laskermerge trunk
2010-03-26 KiwinoteFeature 'fretsonfire-game' rather than 'fretsonfire'
2010-03-26 Michael Vogt* apt-xapian-index-plugin/*.py:
2010-03-03 Michael Vogtmerged from trunk
2010-02-23 SiraNokyoongtongMerge from trunk.
2010-02-22 Gary Laskermerge with trunk
2010-02-17 Gary Laskermerge with trunk
2010-02-17 Michael Vogt* softwarecenter/distro/Ubuntu.py:
2010-02-16 Michael Vogt* apt-xapian-index-plugin/software-center.py:
2010-02-16 Michael Vogtmerged lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/sourcesview
2010-02-15 Gary Lasker merge lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/sourcesview
2010-02-15 Gary Laskermerge lp:~gary-lasker/software-center/sourcesview
2010-02-11 Gary Laskermerge with trunk
2010-02-10 Michael Vogtmerged (and fixed conflicts) from lp:~gary-lasker...
2010-02-04 Gary Laskermerge with trunk
2010-02-02 Michael Vogtprototype side view