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last changeSat, 9 Nov 2013 01:20:34 +0000 (02:20 +0100)
2013-11-09 Matthias KlumppFix some memory leaks master
2013-11-09 Matthias KlumppAdd function to dump screenshot data as XML
2013-11-08 Matthias Klumppdocs: Fix some quirks
2013-11-08 Matthias KlumppParse screenshot data and make it available via library API
2013-11-04 Matthias Klumppspec: Deprecate appcategory element in favour of catego...
2013-10-20 Matthias KlumppAlways install appstream.pc in correct libdir
2013-10-20 Matthias Klumpptrivial: docs: Include RevisionHistory, publican wants it
2013-10-20 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2013-10-20 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.4.0 APPSTREAM_0_4_0
2013-10-20 Matthias KlumppFix api-doc generation
2013-10-19 Matthias KlumppStore app homepage and iconpath correctly in new databa...
2013-10-18 Matthias KlumppAdd all necessary bits to regenerate PK Vapi files
2013-10-18 Matthias KlumppOnly rebuild AppStream Xapian cache if data has changed
2013-10-14 Matthias KlumppAlways process AppStream XML data
2013-10-14 Matthias KlumppUpdate database schema, breaking USC compatibility
2013-10-14 Matthias Klumppspec: Add new compulsory_for_desktop tag
4 years ago APPSTREAM_0_4_0 Release 0.4.0
4 years ago APPSTREAM_0_3_1 Release 0.3.1
4 years ago APPSTREAM_0_3_0 Release 0.3.0
5 years ago APPSTREAM_0_2_0 Release 0.2.0
5 years ago APPSTREAM_0_1 Release 0.1
4 years ago master