2013-06-27 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.3.1 APPSTREAM_0_3_1
2013-06-25 Matthias KlumppAdjust unit-tests and client tool
2013-06-25 Matthias KlumppUse a GPtrArray for search results
2013-06-10 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2013-06-10 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.3.0 APPSTREAM_0_3_0
2013-06-10 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Some minor documentation fixes
2013-06-04 Matthias KlumppAdd methods to fetch screenshots from AppStream-complia...
2013-06-03 Matthias Klumppdocs: Improve documentation & make it build again
2013-06-03 Matthias KlumppRemove useless id property from Category class
2013-06-03 Matthias KlumppImplement new Category handling and tweak the menu...
2013-06-03 Matthias KlumppRewrite Menu file parser
2013-06-03 Matthias Klumpptests: Fix compilation
2013-06-03 Matthias KlumppImprove categories.xml formatting
2013-04-22 Matthias KlumppUpdated documentation
2013-04-22 Matthias KlumppFix translation template
2013-04-22 Matthias KlumppMake DBus API an internal implementation detail
2013-04-22 Matthias KlumppGreatly improve search results
2013-04-22 Matthias KlumppImprove error handling and command-line output
2013-04-22 Matthias KlumppRestructure code to clearly separate client and daemon
2013-04-22 Matthias KlumppMake uai dbus daemon a bit more failsafe
2013-04-18 Matthias KlumppAdd command-line method to search for apps
2013-03-21 Matthias KlumppMake UAI more failsafe
2013-03-21 Matthias KlumppUpdate release script
2013-03-21 Matthias KlumppFix creation of missing database
2013-03-15 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2013-03-15 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.2 APPSTREAM_0_2_0
2013-03-14 Matthias KlumppPrint better message if category dir is null
2013-03-04 Matthias KlumppAdd release script and release instructions
2013-03-04 Matthias KlumppAdd copy of the LGPL too
2013-03-04 Matthias Klumppdocs: Build C API documentation
2013-01-27 Matthias KlumppPlace Xapian cache in different directory
2012-10-09 Matthias KlumppMake --nowait option finally work again
2012-10-09 Matthias KlumppMake DBus API more failsafe
2012-10-09 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Update license headers
2012-10-03 Matthias KlumppAdd distro-agnostic category definition
2012-10-03 Matthias KlumppPrint error message if xmlto was not found
2012-10-03 Matthias KlumppKill some compiler warnings
2012-10-03 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Add README with compile instructions
2012-10-03 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2012-10-03 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.1 APPSTREAM_0_1
2012-10-03 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Some minor tweaks
2012-10-03 Matthias KlumppInstall introspection data
2012-09-15 Matthias KlumppFix LibAppStream vapi filename
2012-09-15 Matthias KlumppProtect refresh action via PolicyKit
2012-09-15 Matthias KlumppMake the whole project translatable
2012-08-28 Matthias KlumppNew API to search for applications quickly
2012-08-27 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Install C header too
2012-08-24 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Fix namespace confusion
2012-08-24 Matthias KlumppFix license headers
2012-08-24 Matthias KlumppSupport for advanced search queries and categories
2012-08-22 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Install Vala Vapi file
2012-08-22 Matthias KlumppSupport loading system application categories
2012-08-22 Matthias KlumppImplemented support for database search queries
2012-08-21 Matthias KlumppAdd methods to fetch contents of the whole AppStream db
2012-08-21 Matthias KlumppMake tests work again
2012-08-21 Matthias KlumppSplit Xapian database acces code into read- and write...
2012-08-21 Matthias KlumppMove the small client application to UAI directory
2012-08-21 Matthias KlumppFix Xapian database access
2012-08-21 Matthias KlumppReorder some more things between UAI and the new lib
2012-08-21 Matthias KlumppAdd database access class
2012-08-21 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Fixed namespaces
2012-08-21 Matthias KlumppSplit sourcecode and create a AppStream library
2012-08-20 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Change project name
2012-08-02 Matthias KlumppIgnore applications where "X-AppInstall-Ignore" is...
2012-07-28 Matthias KlumppNew RebuildFinished() DBus signal
2012-07-26 Matthias KlumppAdd some documentation
2012-07-25 Matthias KlumppInstall AppStream service file
2012-07-25 Matthias KlumppAdded daemon timeout
2012-07-25 Matthias Klumppappinstall: Support categories and mimetypes
2012-07-25 Matthias KlumppStarted work on (simple) Ubuntu AppInstall support
2012-07-19 Matthias KlumppAdded a simple DBus client application for Uai
2012-07-19 Matthias KlumppUse weighted entries & implement keywords
2012-07-19 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Some trivial bugfixes found on Fedora
2012-07-19 Matthias KlumppImplemented support for categories
2012-07-19 Matthias KlumppOnly accept stock icons
2012-07-18 Matthias KlumppAdd templetes for multiple data providers
2012-07-18 Matthias KlumppMove Xapian DB to correct path
2012-07-18 Matthias KlumppFix some issues in XML parser and AppInfo object
2012-07-18 Matthias KlumppAdd test dbus client and fix some quirks
2012-07-17 Matthias KlumppSome more database code
2012-07-17 Matthias KlumppMore database code & support for original app name
2012-07-16 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Allow modifying the cache path
2012-07-16 Matthias KlumppCreate the C++<->Vala glue for Xapian
2012-07-16 Matthias KlumppAdd testsuite & some simple code to parse AppStream XML
2012-07-16 Matthias KlumppCreate data-provider infrastructure
2012-07-15 Matthias KlumppAdd database location an more basic stuff...
2012-07-14 Matthias KlumppFix Xapian compile process
2012-07-14 Matthias KlumppAdded Xapian glue code
2012-07-13 Matthias KlumppSet-up the DBus stuff
2012-07-13 Matthias KlumppFinalize project infrastructure
2012-07-13 Matthias KlumppSwitch to GPLv3+
2012-07-13 Matthias KlumppAdded Gitignore file
2012-07-13 Matthias KlumppAdd some cmake helper scripts
2012-07-13 Matthias KlumppInitialized repo