2014-05-12 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.6.2 APPSTREAM_0_6_2
2014-05-12 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Use unique temporary directory for test-cache
2014-05-12 Matthias Klumppvalidator: Create better log messages
2014-05-12 Matthias KlumppRework mimetype stuff to be only another provides type
2014-05-11 Matthias Klumppasi-tool: Adjust manpage to reflect reality
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppFix some validator false-positives
2014-05-11 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Use GString for description-text generation
2014-05-11 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Update license headers
2014-05-11 Matthias Klumppasi-tool: Fix small (but annoying) warning
2014-05-11 Matthias Klumppasi-tool: Fix small (but annoying) warning
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppAllow fast searching for mimetype handlers
2014-05-11 Matthias Klumpptrivial: l10n update
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppImprove validation tool and add a no-color option
2014-05-11 Matthias Klumpptests: Run database tests on private db copy
2014-05-11 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Add hughsie to AUTHORS
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppAdd manpage for appstream-validate
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppPretty-print validator output
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppValidate description tags
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppValidate most enumerated types
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppValidate a few more things
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppMake sure we don't use deprecated methods internally...
2014-05-11 Matthias KlumppFix multiple potential crashes when parsing upstream...
2014-05-10 Matthias KlumppImplement support for mimetypes
2014-05-10 Matthias KlumppMore validator improvements
2014-05-10 Matthias KlumppAdd function to pretty-print description markup and...
2014-05-10 Matthias KlumppSplit as-utils into private and public header
2014-05-10 Matthias KlumppFix bug in category-loading and display categories...
2014-05-10 Matthias KlumppAdd methods to check if component is compulsory or...
2014-05-10 Matthias KlumppDprecate idname and make Component header nicer to...
2014-05-10 Matthias KlumppGreatly improve icon refinement
2014-05-10 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Remove confusing "Vala" naming from files
2014-05-09 Matthias KlumppRefine icon path/url detection for applications
2014-05-09 Matthias KlumppEnsure active metadata locale does not have an UTF...
2014-05-09 Matthias KlumppMove the client dir to tools dir, the tools aren't...
2014-05-09 Matthias KlumppHeavily improve metadata validator
2014-05-08 Matthias KlumppSplit validation int new AsValidator for future extension
2014-05-04 Matthias KlumppStore url stuff in the database
2014-05-04 Matthias KlumppMove some enums to new as-enums unit
2014-05-04 Matthias KlumppDeprecate get_homepage in favour of get_url
2014-05-01 Matthias Klumppspec: Rename "manual" url type to "help"
2014-04-30 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Don't install GIR twice
2014-04-30 Matthias Klumppdocs: Rework url information as variablelist
2014-04-30 Matthias Klumppdocs: Fix some quirks and issues
2014-04-30 Matthias Klumppspec: Update screenshot spec to reflect reality
2014-04-30 Matthias Klumppspec: Exclusively use SPDX license tags
2014-04-30 Matthias Klumppspec: Use subdirectories for multiarch metadata
2014-04-30 Matthias Klumppspecs: Some reorganization
2014-04-25 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2014-04-25 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.6.1 APPSTREAM_0_6_1
2014-04-25 Matthias KlumppUpdate translation template
2014-04-25 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Update file authors
2014-04-23 Matthias Klumppdocs: Fix the section on 3rd-party screenshot services
2014-04-23 Matthias KlumppImplement strict parsing of the description tag in...
2014-04-23 Matthias KlumppImplement priority property
2014-04-23 Matthias Klumppspec: Add priority property for components in distro...
2014-04-23 Matthias KlumppImprove API for provides-tests
2014-04-22 Matthias KlumppParse AppStream data in /var/lib/app-info/xmls
2014-04-21 Matthias Klumpptrivial: update l10n
2014-04-21 Matthias KlumppImprove documentation and annotations
2014-04-21 Matthias KlumppAllow fetching components by the items they provide
2014-04-21 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Fix some documetation quirks
2014-04-21 Matthias KlumppIndex terms for provided items
2014-04-20 Matthias KlumppAdd functions to get a component by it's ID
2014-04-20 Matthias KlumppPrint error if compiled with -DVAPI, but no vapigen...
2014-04-19 Matthias KlumppAuto-generate Vala API file, if desired
2014-04-19 Matthias KlumppInstall Vala API again
2014-04-19 Matthias KlumppImplement a parser mode to abstract away differences...
2014-04-19 Rex DieterHandle lib directory suffix on distributions like Fedora
2014-04-19 Matthias KlumppAdd function to load metadata from memory
2014-04-18 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Add AsMetadata header to appstream.h
2014-04-18 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Fix library versioning
2014-04-18 Matthias KlumppAdd methods to set/get locale used for metadata parsing
2014-04-18 Matthias KlumppAdd function to parse upstream metadata in AsMetadata
2014-04-18 Matthias KlumppMake AsMetadata handle (almost) all XML parsing
2014-04-18 Matthias KlumppAdd template for metadata parsing class
2014-04-16 Matthias Klumppdocs: Fix examples to use the <releases/> tag correctly
2014-04-16 Matthias KlumppMake translation possible again
2014-04-16 Matthias KlumppMake data-providers emit "component" signal (instead...
2014-04-16 Matthias KlumppFix libappstream pkgconfig
2014-04-16 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2014-04-16 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.6 APPSTREAM_0_6
2014-04-16 Matthias KlumppSome basic fixes for XSD schemes
2014-04-16 Matthias KlumppMove XSD to data/ directory
2014-04-16 Matthias Klumppspec: Add note on multiarch-support
2014-04-16 Matthias KlumppAdd helper to generate Vala VAPI file
2014-04-16 Matthias KlumppAdd some basic unit-tests for the new C code
2014-04-14 Matthias KlumppComplete implementation of release-support
2014-04-09 Matthias KlumppSome API future-proofing
2014-04-09 Matthias KlumppAdd AsRelease to AsComponent and do some other fixes
2014-04-07 Matthias KlumppInitial bits for <release/> support
2014-04-07 Matthias KlumppSome documentation improvements
2014-04-06 Matthias KlumppBring back API documentation building
2014-04-06 Matthias KlumppImplement support for <provides/>
2014-04-06 Matthias KlumppFirst bits for provides-support in AsComponent
2014-04-06 Matthias KlumppSome fixes for the introspection build process
2014-04-05 Matthias Klumppclient: return nicer output
2014-04-05 Matthias KlumppAvoid identifier collisions in the database
2014-04-05 Matthias Klumppclient: Improve screenshot url display
2014-04-05 Matthias KlumppBring back thumbnail support for ss.d.n services
2014-04-04 Matthias KlumppCorrectly handle component types according to the 0...