2015-01-26 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump master
2015-01-26 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.8.0 APPSTREAM_0_8_0
2015-01-26 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Fix documentation options
2015-01-26 Matthias Klumppvalidator: Don't perform sanity checks on the metadata tag
2015-01-26 Matthias Klumppvalidator: Fix empty-check for description tag
2015-01-25 Matthias KlumppInstall prebuilt documentation by default
2015-01-25 Matthias KlumppProperly write localized XML for some tags
2015-01-25 Matthias Klumppvalidator: Make it possible to validate a gzip-compress...
2015-01-25 Matthias KlumppImprove database-writing code to ignore NULL values
2015-01-25 Matthias KlumppAdd missing developer_name to database
2015-01-25 Matthias KlumppImplement <source_pkgname/> tag
2015-01-25 Matthias KlumppUpdate database layout for new fields
2015-01-25 Matthias KlumppUpdate the validator to the latest spec version
2015-01-25 Matthias Klumppspec: Specify the <source_pkgname/> tag
2015-01-21 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Adjust Travis to pull in Qt5 for build
2015-01-21 Matthias KlumppMerge pull request #1 from aleixpol/master
2015-01-21 Matthias Klumppqt: Implement support for bundles
2015-01-21 Aleix PolMake Qt5 default
2015-01-21 Matthias Klumppqt: remove deprecated API
2015-01-20 Matthias KlumppImplement the <bundle/> tag
2015-01-20 Matthias KlumppMake origin a public property of the metadata generator
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumppvalidator: Hide pedantic issues by default
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumppspec: Recommend screenshot sizes for distro-XML
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Add missing test files
2015-01-20 Matthias KlumppBump spec version to 0.8
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumppspec: Make clear that <release/> tags may have a <descr...
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumppspec: Allow bundles of type "xdg-app"
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Add missing vapigen metadata
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumpptests: Perform simple test for reading of all languages
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Refine wording for <bundle/> tag
2015-01-20 Matthias KlumppFix CMakeLists files for version change
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumppspec: Add <bundle/> tag
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumppspec: Allow width and height properties for "local...
2015-01-20 Matthias Klumpptrivial: The next release will be 0.8
2015-01-19 Matthias KlumppCorrectly read and propagate language properties
2015-01-19 Matthias KlumppAlways search for data in /usr/share, ignore DATADIR
2015-01-19 Matthias Klumppasi: Always return a valid exit code
2015-01-19 Matthias KlumppFix a couple of minor issues found by static code analysis
2015-01-19 Matthias KlumppClesan up some dead code in Xapian wrapper
2015-01-19 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Refresh translation
2015-01-14 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2015-01-14 Matthias Klumpptravis: Change mirror selection
2015-01-14 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Fix GIR compiler warning
2015-01-14 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.7.6 APPSTREAM_0_7_6
2015-01-14 Matthias KlumppAdd convenience functions to save generated XML
2015-01-12 Matthias KlumppUpdate translations
2015-01-12 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Update information about AsMetadata's locale...
2015-01-12 Matthias KlumppRemove deprecated symbols and complete multilocale...
2015-01-12 Matthias KlumppBump ABI level: We broke API/ABI heavily already
2015-01-12 Matthias KlumppRemove functions marked as deprecated
2015-01-12 Matthias KlumppMake remaining bits of AsComponent translatable
2015-01-12 Matthias KlumppImplement some more multilanguage stuff for AsComponent
2015-01-12 Matthias KlumppAdd multilanguage support for the name property
2015-01-11 Matthias KlumppConvert AsComponent into a "modern" GObject
2015-01-08 Matthias KlumppMove component serialization to AsMetadata
2015-01-08 Matthias KlumppBuild distro XML from a list of AsComponent objects
2015-01-08 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Make compilers happy
2015-01-08 Matthias KlumppMore code to allow better serialization of AsComponent...
2015-01-08 Matthias KlumppAllow parsing distro XML in AsMetadata
2015-01-08 Matthias KlumppUse colorful output when using GCC in maintainer-mode
2015-01-08 Matthias KlumppUpdate database location for possible advanced multilan...
2014-11-28 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2014-11-28 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.7.5 APPSTREAM_0_7_5
2014-11-28 Matthias KlumppUpdate translations
2014-11-24 Matthias KlumppFix origin<->name confusion
2014-11-24 Matthias Klumppdep11: Fix memory leak in DEP-11 parser
2014-10-30 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2014-10-30 Matthias Klumppdoc: Clarify icon types
2014-10-30 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.7.4 APPSTREAM_0_7_4
2014-10-29 Matthias Klumpptrivial: refine Qt component.h docs
2014-10-29 Matthias Klumppqt: Add documentation to the deprecated methods
2014-10-29 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Fix recent test failure
2014-10-29 Matthias KlumppDon't query system categories while processing metadata
2014-10-29 Matthias Klumppqt: restore ABI compatibility and don't expose the...
2014-10-29 Matthias Klumppvalidator: Ensure that stock and cached icons only...
2014-10-28 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Some doc fixes
2014-10-28 Matthias Klumppqt: Implement multisize-icons
2014-10-25 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Fix some doc warnings
2014-10-25 Matthias KlumppIf icon is not found, the icon_url_for_size function...
2014-10-24 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Typo in code comment
2014-10-24 Matthias KlumppImplement icon_url_for_size and mark some AsComponent...
2014-10-24 Matthias KlumppAllow client applications to fetch icons in multiple...
2014-10-21 Matthias KlumppProperly handle origin and icons in size-specific direc...
2014-10-21 Matthias KlumppCheck if AppInstall directory exists, before attempting...
2014-10-21 Matthias KlumppDon't count it as problem if no metadata is found
2014-10-20 Matthias KlumppAdd local icon directories to the icon search path
2014-10-10 Matthias Klumppdep11: refine quote test
2014-10-10 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2014-10-10 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.7.3 APPSTREAM_0_7_3
2014-10-09 Matthias KlumppFix wrong DATADIR variable
2014-10-09 Matthias KlumppImplement basic support for the new icon cache layout
2014-09-30 Aleix PolInclude QMultiHash
2014-09-26 Matthias Klumppspec: Update the icon-cache layout to allow icons with...
2014-09-24 Matthias KlumppUse the same casing for the AppStream GIR as for anythi...
2014-09-22 Matthias KlumppTreat the text/plain mimetype equal to YAML or XML
2014-09-22 Matthias Klumpptrivial: post release version bump
2014-09-22 Matthias KlumppRelease version 0.7.2 APPSTREAM_0_7_2
2014-09-22 Matthias KlumppFix pkg-config file
2014-09-22 Matthias Klumpptrivial: Update build-dependency description
2014-09-19 Matthias KlumppUse GNUInstallDirs