oebb: be more verbose about ~/oe/.environment and report when config is done
[angstrom:angstrom-setup-scripts.git] / oebb.sh
2010-03-23 Koen Kooioebb: be more verbose about ~/oe/.environment and repor...
2010-03-23 Koen Kooioebb: make ~/.oe/environment usage hint clearer
2010-03-23 Koen Kooioebb: add some missing vars to environment script,...
2010-03-23 Gregg Lebovitzoebb: protect call to git_proxy setup as well
2010-03-19 Koen Kooioebb: add usage note for ~/.oe/environment
2010-03-19 Koen Kooioebb: generate sourceable env file
2010-03-19 Koen Kooioebb: clean up variables and local.conf
2010-03-11 Jason KridnerAdded aliases for the proper board names.
2010-03-09 Koen Kooioebb.sh: since 44ecf674747fef9f71f928660b394ca470a135fc...
2010-03-08 Koen KooiAdd first setup script, imported from TI wiki