last changeSun, 7 Feb 2010 03:12:58 +0000 (22:12 -0500)
2010-02-07 Trever FischerScroll to view the current stop in the list master
2010-02-07 Trever FischerImplement ScheduledStop::equals()
2010-02-07 Trever FischerEnable fast scrolling of the list
2010-02-07 Trever FischerDon't skip every other stop in the data file
2010-02-05 Trever FischerUpdate faster
2010-02-02 Trever FischerAdd an automatic updater, a landscape layout, and the...
2010-02-02 Trever FischerFix a format error
2010-02-02 Trever FischerBugfixes for schedule loading
2010-02-02 Trever FischerAllow for tracing and orientation changing
2010-02-02 Trever FischerRemove unused class
2010-02-02 Trever FischerInitial Commit
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