last changeFri, 30 Jul 2010 15:28:07 +0000 (11:28 -0400)
2010-07-30 Jim AnconaMerge from korg/master master
2010-07-28 Xavier DucrohetPackage ddmlib-prebuilt with CTS.
2010-07-23 Jean-Baptiste... Merge "Replaced AlarmClock with DeskClock"
2010-07-23 Christian MehlmauerReplaced AlarmClock with DeskClock
2010-07-20 Jeffrey ChyanAllow explicit warnings for projects
2010-07-20 Jim AnconaMerge from korg/master
2010-07-15 Jean-Baptiste... Add full_x86 product.
2010-07-12 Jean-Baptiste... Merge "Move buildspec vars to"
2010-07-12 Bruce BeareAdd generic_x86-eng to the lunch menu
2010-07-12 Bruce BeareDefine __ANDROID__ for x86 to be on par with ARM build...
2010-07-12 Bruce BeareMove buildspec vars to
2010-07-12 Jean-Baptiste... Merge "Vendorsetup needs to look in additional places."
2010-07-12 Bruce BeareVendorsetup needs to look in additional places.
2010-07-12 Bruce BeareAllow TARGET_ARCH to be set from
2010-07-09 Jean-Baptiste... Fix build - USE_MINGW seems to be the preferred define
2010-07-09 Jean-Baptiste... Merge "acp: Ensure dst mtime always greater or equal...
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