last changeTue, 4 May 2010 17:56:53 +0000 (13:56 -0400)
2010-05-04 André Goddard... bionic: add missing NULL check from memory allocation... master
2010-05-04 André Goddard... stdio: simplify vasprintf()
2010-05-04 André Goddard... stdio: simplify asprintf()
2010-05-04 André Goddard... improve readability of stdlib: fix indentation and...
2010-05-04 Matt FischerFixed support for RTLD_NEXT in dlsym()
2010-05-04 Tony SIMadded headers for SuperH which automatically generate...
2010-05-04 Alexey TarasovFix log channel initialization at bionic/logd_write.c.
2010-04-01 Jim AnconaMerge from korg/master
2010-03-30 André Goddard... bionic: fix memory leak in get_malloc_leak_info() error...
2010-03-30 David TurnerMerge "bionic: clear only the part of the buffer which...
2010-03-29 André Goddard... bionic: clear only the part of the buffer which is...
2010-03-29 David TurnerMerge "linker: fix the undefined weak symbols issue"
2010-03-29 Min-su, Kimlinker: fix the undefined weak symbols issue
2010-03-29 David TurnerMerge changes Ibdc6e3c8,I9bcb91a2
2010-03-29 David TurnerMerge "Atom optimized string and memory routines"
2010-03-29 André Goddard... stdlib: optimize bsearch()
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9 years ago android-1.5 Android 1.5 release
9 years ago android-sdk-1.5-pre A preview release of the Android...
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